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Early Bird Discount

If your event has multiple pricing stages throughout the booking time frame, the Early Bird function allows you to set an alternative price on an existing Ticket Type for a specific date period. Set, check and forget with your prices changing at midnight on the date set. Multiple price / time frames can be setup on each ticket type.

Setting up the Early Bird Discount:

1. Select Manage Events and your event.

2. Select Pricing Group (Ticket Prices) and then click on the existing pricing group listed for your event

3. Select or add your ticket price and set the last price point, click save.

4. Open your ticket again and select the Early Bird tab. 

5. Click Add, and define the price and time frame which this price will be offered.

6. Click back to the main ticket page and confirm the early bird rate being shown.

7. Check by clicking on make a booking that your early bird rate is correctly shown.

TIP: Your dates on the early bird screen are inclusive of that price bracket. So you can check your work, it's worth making your early bird rate today or earlier, so that you can see and confirm the rate is working correctly.

You may wish to add a reminder to when your price breaks are - either by adding it to your event homepage or into a header above your first ticket or just against the description of your ticket. This is completely optional as your website may also take care of this for you too.