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Group Tickets

You have 2 options for ticketing groups of people. 

Family or Tabled Groups:

To ensure that your capacity or seating allocation is updated correctly, it's important to state how many places / seats will be taken away when a family ticket is booked. If your family ticket price is for 4 people (2 Adults + 2 Children), when adding your ticket price, please ensure your set the Quantity of that ticket to equal 4 as shown, and then set the price which will cover all people. This means that 4 seats will need to be selected or 4 places will be taken away from your original event capacity. 


If your tabled ticket price is for 8 people, set the quantity of tickets to 8 and enter the price for buying 8 places at once. 

TIP: If you have a family ticket that can cover 4, 5, or 6 people, you are best to set up 3 seperate tickets i.e. For a Family of 4, Family of 5, Family of 6 where the Quantity of tickets is 4, 5 or 6 respectively.

Encouraging Larger Groups to Book

If you need flexibility on larger bookings where a minimum purchase number of tickets on your group tickets is required (eg. Your tickets are normally $20 and for groups of 6 or more booking at once can purchase tickets at $15), the process is simple via this method.

1.  From Pricing Groups and in your existing pricing group, add a new Ticket Type. We suggest calling it 'Group' and in the Description indicate that this rate is for 6 or more people. 

2.  Set the Quantity on that ticket type to 1.

3.  Define the price as the discounted rate per ticket (for 1 tickets at the group rate).

4.  Save and Close, and now open that ticket up again.

5.  Select Limits and set 'per session time' a min of 6 tickets (if they need to purchase 6 or tickets at once).

6.  Save and click through on Make a Booking, confirming the min. is working as required.

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