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Ticket Style as a Tax Invoice

The ticket can be converted to represent a ticket for entry and a tax invoice via a custom ticket style. To allow your ticket to be used as a tax invoice, you will need to add in the text such as Your organisation name, ABN number, and that the price is inclusive of 10% GST.

Working with custom ticket styles is easy:

1. Select Configuration and Ticket Styles.

2. Add a ticket style, name it and then save.

3. Change the word Ticket to Ticket / Tax Invoice, or add the word tax invoice under Ticket. Add your ABN and registered name.

4. In the price field, add the wording, Price is inclusive of 10% GST.

5. Save.


You now need to connect it to your event by selecting Manage Events, Your Event, Pricing Groups and finally the applicable group. Change the ticket style to your newly created custom ticket style and save.

TIP: If you are intending to use promotional codes, consider changing the [PRICE] field on your ticket style to [TICKET_TOTAL]. The ticket total will then correctly display the amount paid for any tickets, taking into account discounts given during the booking process.