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Adding Images Behind a Custom Ticket using HTML

Once you have created your own customised Ticket Style and linked it to your event, you can no longer add a background image via your Pricing Group. You can now add images to customised ticket styles in configuration via the HTML. It's important that you add images to a background that ensures the black print will still be visible. 

Creating your background image

In a graphics program such as Gimp or Paint etc, you will need to create a page that is the size of your ticket. The TryBooking default ticket is 624 x 264 pixels in size.  Place your images on this page and position them in suitable locations. If you're creating a full background image, you may need to fade the image into a watermark, so that the important text of your ticket will still be clear. Save the image as a .jpg file.

Adding the image to custom ticket

1. From Configuration, select Ticket Styles and your custom ticket to move into edit. Insert your new image at the bottom of the design page. Click save.

2. Once you have added in the image, click onto your HTML tab, and copy and paste the following html code at the top of the html screen:

<div style="border: 0px solid #ff0000; position: relative; height: 2.75in;">
<img style="position: absolute;" src="/UserData/TicketStyles/B/1310_Ticket2011.jpg">
<table style="position: absolute; width: 6.5in; height: 2.75in; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid;" bordercolor="black" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" >

3. The code should be placed ABOVE this tag: <!-- Header table begin →>, and remove any coding that was above this tag previously.

4. You will find your new image source near the bottom of the HTML, after src=”. Copy and paste this source, being careful not to take any of the “ with it. Now you will replace the text that is highlighted above, with your new image source code. Click save.

5.  Move back to your Design tab to see if the background has appeared behind your ticket.  You can then remove the duplicate image that was below, and then save.