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As New Zealand's leading event ticketing company, we have been helping clients sell tickets online for over 10 years. With TryBooking, you get an affordable system that has all the features needed to successfully run events.

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Powerful features to help you sell tickets online today.

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Affordable pricing for the community


It is completely free to set up your account, run cash sales for tickets, and/or sell complimentary tickets. You will also receive unlimited personalised support from our dedicated New Zealand team members at no cost. And if you are running a free event, there are no fees at all!

See what a huge difference our pricing can make to your bottom line:

Attendees pay a 50c per ticket fee.
Event Organisers pay a 2.5% processing fee (that includes credit card processing).

Affordable pricing for the community
The DIY ticketing platform built for your needs

The DIY ticketing platform built for your needs

TryBooking is a DIY platform, meaning every feature can be adapted to suit your event's needs - no matter how big or small. We work with over 90,000 event organisers ranging from schools, councils, clubs, businesses to individuals running events.

Every event is different and we know that yours is too. That's why our powerful software gives you total control over your event. You can sell all types of tickets online, manage your data, run instant sales/marketing reports and streamline your operations with ease on our all-in-one platform.

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How to sell tickets online

Step 1:
Open account
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Step 2:
Create event
Create an event page

Step 3:
Create and share
Created event page confirmation

Step 4:
Event Dashboard management page

Types of events

Types of events

Tickets for anyone and for anything.

Event organisers run all kinds of events with TryBooking right around New Zealand. Everything from large ticketed music festivals to small school events and fundraisers. Our software has the features to help you sell tickets for events big and small.

Our customers are our best advocates.
TryBooking is a community platform and we are building new features to make your life easier. Events made easy is our motto.

  • Tabled events and dinners
  • General admission events
  • Fundraisers
  • Private events with friends
  • Large public events
  • Conferences and meetups
  • Sporting events
  • Music and concerts
  • Arts, writing and theatre
  • Workshops and courses
  • Anything else you can think of!

Experience where it matters

10+ years experience
TryBooking launched in 2007 and the team has years of experience in ticketing, registrations and bookings. We can help with all types of events and have the features to handle anything.

Secure technical environment
Our local support team is ready to help you via email, phone and social media and you won't find better support anywhere. Give us a call.

Funds held within New Zealand banks.
TryBooking is hosted in New Zealand and all funds are held in New Zealand for security.

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Experience where it matters

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