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Real Healthy Me

Real Healthy Me is a lifestyle medicine clinic based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our specially designed workshops are meant to be both therapeutic and informative, whilst helping you connect with like-minded people on your journey to good health.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Between Thursday 2 September 2021 and Thursday 4 November 2021
    Free monthly community meetings First Thursdays monthly For 2021: 4 Feb, 4 Mar 1 Apr 6 May 3 Jun 1 Jul 5 Aug 2 SEPT 7 Oct 4 Nov
    Real Healthy Me
  • Saturday 25 September 2021
    A workshop empowering men to maintain peak performance despite ageing! Workshop Outline: Getting to know YOU - Self and values unpacking Physical Wellness and Wellbeing - The male biochemistry and physical resilience Emotional and Mental Wellbeing - Distress and stress response and awareness Facilitators: Anah Aikman - Health, Wellbeing and Leadership Coach & Integrative Nurse Coach Dr. Olivia Currie - Lifestyle Medicine Doctor & Medical Director at Real Healthy Me
    Real Healthy Me