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Find buttons, logos and assets to promote your event or partner with TryBooking. Read the DO's and Don't below. By downloading assets you agree to abide by the brand guidelines.

Do's and Dont's

A short reference guide to using TryBooking assets.


TryBooking logo correct 1

Use our logos and buttons on your website. If you need to spell TryBooking please use a capital T and a capital B.

TryBooking logo correct 2

Use assets for your event, booking, registration or partnerships with TryBooking. Use the assets that work best with your own brand. Transparent backgrounds are available.

Link directly to your event landing page on TryBooking.


TryBooking logo incorrect 1

Do not split TryBooking into two words - Try Booking.

Do not add "s" on the end - TryBookings.

TryBooking logo correct 2

Do not modify the TryBooking logo, buttons or icons in any way.

Do not create your own version of the logo or icons.

Add elements to your pages

Add elements to your pages

Simply download our buttons and start adding them to your promotional material.

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The TryBooking brand is trusted for processing payments and security.

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