6 great resources for event organisers

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23 March, 2016

There is no shortage of new tools designed to help you organise your events and team. We recently compiled a short list of the ones we love and hope you find them useful! We selected these products because they are easy to use, work well across all devices and contribute to a great event experience, from graphics to email and to-do lists. Here are the best six companies to add to your online event toolkit. 


Communication and planning:

This to-do list app organises your task lists and allows you to share information, goals and files with a team. It is very easy to collaborate with a large team or simply manage your own task list. Set up notifications, track notes and create sub-tasks on your way to success. If you need a good to-do list, then Wunderlist is the app for you. Download it for your phone and desktop so you can use it everywhere you work.



Mailchimp helps you send better emails to your customers. With designed templates and a simple interface, you can communicate with your attendees before and after your event. Mailchimp is also a lot of fun to use. Who doesn't love that little chimp?


This messenger service helps you communicate quickly and ensures you don't lose messages in your inbox. Slack is a faster alternative to email and facilities group message, private chats and ability to upload/share attachments. They also have an app for communication on-the-go. 




Beautiful images and graphics are seriously important for your brand and marketing messages. Some tools are very expensive and hard to use, but with Canva you don't need to have any graphic design skills. This cloud-based software has beautiful templates and tools to help you design professional looking event flyers, invitations, posters, RSVPs and marketing assets. 




Stop printing, signing and scanning documents and contracts. With HelloSign you can quickly sign contracts online without printing them and finding a pen. The contracts are still legally binding and you get three free documents per month.



BOM app  
The Bureau of Meteorology has released a weather app for iPhone and Android devices. You can now get accurate forecasts and weather information when you need it most! BOM provides the most reliable weather information in Australia and the app is very handy when you are dealing with inclement weather. 




We hope that something in this list will ultimately help you run an amazing event!

Please share your favourite tools or online ticketing tips on Twitter or Facebook. We would love to add more to our list. 


The TryBooking Team

23 March, 2016

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