Simplify PTA event ticketing with Trybooking

13 February, 2020


Simplify PTA event ticketing with Trybooking

Trybooking has been supporting PTAs and schools across the UK with online event ticket sales since launching in 2014. Community-focused and low cost, PTAs from schools of all types and sizes choose Trybooking to help run fundraising events more smoothly.

Simple and easy-to-use, Trybooking’s online booking platform enables quick creation, updating and monitoring of fundraising events, allowing PTAs to focus on other aspects of event management whilst still having total control.

Trybooking will be the PTAs 24/7 committee member, designed to reduce staff workload and minimise the time-consuming admin work from PTA fundraising events.

How can Trybooking support PTA's?

Trybooking makes booking PTA events a seamless process through offering a diverse range of versatile features, easily tailored to PTA's and schools, including:


Trybooking encourages PTA's to create multiple ticket types within an event, not only to collect payment but also to improve data collection reports.

Create individual tickets for adults, students, children, seniors and even groups (e.g. family of 4)! Separating ticket types not only allows the PTA to assign different prices, but also keep track of numbers attending the event.


Trybooking treats client data seriously, with all data stored securely in the UK. We do not on-sell or provide PTAs customer data to any third parties.

Data Collection is designed to give PTA event organiser’s full control over the data requested from parents. Add as many data fields as necessary to gather the relevant information for PTA fundraising events, e.g. attendee names, dietary requirements, and menu selection.


Trybooking’s donations feature enables PTAs to invite donations on event bookings, whether on free or paid for events, allowing guests to quickly choose an amount to donate to the PTA.

Choose to enable the donation feature to request donations for the PTA from event attendees during the online booking process. Editing space provides plenty of room for

background on why the PTA is collecting donations and allows for images (e.g. logo) to be uploaded.

Trybooking’s transparent pricing for PTAs

Trybooking is FREE to use for free events. With no hidden costs or features, you can still make the most of powerful features with free PTA events.

Transparent and competitive pricing and features for paid events make it an easy and clear move from the PTAs current booking system, whether still manual or an alternate online platform. A straightforward pay-as-you-use 5% processing fee paid by event organiser, and 15p per ticket booking fee paid by ticket purchaser…

… but, Trybooking gives PTAs options! The option to change the fee set up so either the ticket purchaser or PTA covers both fees. It’s entirely up to the PTA based on how fundraising events are managed.

Examples of how PTAs are using Trybooking

Trybooking supports many PTAs and schools across the UK with a wide range of events. Take a look!

Archbishop Temple School, Mrs L Brown said:

“The Trybooking system was very easy to set up and use. The team at Trybooking were very supportive, enabling the PTA to set up online ticketing for large and small events. Through using Trybooking’s online ticketing the PTA were able to market the events to the local community, as well as parents and carers. Many thanks!”

Find out how Trybooking can support PTAs with events

Start creating events immediately by setting up a FREE account or find out more about Trybooking’s dedicated event booking platform for PTAs.

13 February, 2020


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