Terms and Conditions  −  Lon-Dun! Virtual Marathon

Terms and Conditions
Lon-Dun! Virtual Marathon should be completed between 28 September and 4th October. You can complete the distance in as many chunks as you wish, or undertake it all in one run. You can undertake the distance on any terrain or surface you wish (it doesn't have to be road).

You should record the distance achieved on a suitable tracker app, and send us this evidence in picture form (screenshots from the app will suffice) no sooner than 4th October, but no later than 11th October.

We will provide a commemorative token, a Jogging Pals headover, and a commemorative certificate to all entrants - which will be posted to the address provided on booking.

By entering, you confirm that you are in a suitable state of health to complete the 26.2 mile distance over the course of seven days

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