Terms and Conditions  −  Copthorne Family Funfair 2021

Due to the latest government rules, please ensure any bookings with more than six people are restricted to one household group only.

To comply with government guidelines, we have two sessions available per day (12.00 till 16.00 and 17.00 to 21.00) both with capacity is limited to maintain social distancing and to avoid congestion inside the venue.

When purchasing an entry ticket (ticket only available online), you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Health and safety restrictions apply to all rides.

Small children must be accompanied by a more mature person on some rides.

Children under twelve must be supervised by a responsible person.

Entry tickets are non-refundable and are only valid on day and time of session selected, and all sales are final. Tickets are not refundable under any circumstances other than cancellation of the event or unless the event is moved to another date which prohibits you from attending.

We have the right to refuse admission or evict any persons if they behave in such a way as to jeopardise the safety of themselves or others.

Game stalls and bungee trampolines are excluded from the entry price however tickets can be purchased at the ticket office onsite.
Please bear in mind that the South East Events requires all riders to wear closed toed shoes.

Please ensure that you read all safety signs displayed when at South East Events and when embarking upon each individual ride. Please note that, due to the current COVID-19 regulations, additional safety measures are in place.

Threatening behaviour, verbal abuse or violence will not be tolerated by South East Events. Persons exhibiting as such will be asked to leave.

For health and safety reasons, wheelchairs and prams / pushchairs and similar devices are the only transport permitted within Eden Park. No cycling, skateboarding or scooters allowed.

No dogs except guide dogs are allowed in Eden Park, however they must be always kept under control and on a lead.

All rides and other attractions located at South East Events must only be used in accordance with the relevant manufacturers or operator’s instructions which may include restrictions on height, weight, size, and capacity.

Guidelines have been prepared which detail the safe use of all our rides. Please read all operating rules and regulations before entering the ride to assess the suitability of each ride for you and / or your child’s abilities. South East Events cannot know the individual suitability / needs of each person / child.

Please ensure that you observe all operating rules and regulations and listen to any instructions given by our ride operators. Any person found not to be following the guidelines or comprising their own health and safety as well as the safety of others may be asked to leave Eden Park.

Height, health, and safety restrictions are in place for your safety and our ride operators do not have the authority to override them.

The management reserve the right to withdraw / alter any of the rides / attractions at any time without prior notice. Guests are also informed that rides and attractions may be temporary closed, temporarily withdrawn or made otherwise unavailable at any time due to technical or operational reasons, capacity or adverse weather conditions.

South East Events, always acting reasonably, reserves the right to refuse admission to any persons they feel are unsuitable for their rides / attractions, ban from entry to South East Events, or remove from South East Events without any right to a refund, any person whose presence or behaviour may affect the enjoyment and / or safety of other guests or staff.

Possible behaviours may include, but are not limited to:

Violent, aggressive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, or insulting words or behaviour. Climb / stand upon fences, barriers, walls, safety fences, ride structures or other buildings. Enters or attempt to enter any part of South East Events which is prohibited.

South East Events reserves the right to start legal proceedings against anyone who is found damaging or defacing any part of South East Events or anyone who is reasonably judged to be acting in any manner which has caused any person to report that individual to us.

Weapons Policy
It is prohibited to bring into South East Events any weapons, fireworks, sparklers, smoke bombs or other articles which may cause injury. The throwing of any article which may cause injury or affect the enjoyment of other guests is strictly prohibited. Any person found to be in possession of an article deemed to be offensive or dangerous will be immediately escorted from South East Events without any right to a refund and we reserve the right to make reports to the relevant authorities which may lead to prosecution.

Drugs Policy
The use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited, and any persons found possessing, using or who appear to be under the influence of illegal substances will be refused admission or escorted from South East Events without any right to a refund. Again, we reserve the right to make reports to the relevant authorities which may lead to prosecution.

CCTV Cameras
CCTV cameras are used to assist in the proper running of South East Events. However, we do not make any representation as to the extent of coverage provided by the cameras.

Alcohol Policy
Alcohol is not permitted within South East Events and we reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol brought onto our premises. Persons deemed to be under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to use rides and attractions and will be asked to leave.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is allowed in South East Events, though by law not allowed in enclosed areas. However, as we are a family attraction please be aware of others around you and use the bins provided.

Photography / Filming
It is not unusual to have photographers and film crews recording at South East Events. By accepting these terms and conditions of entry, customers consent to being photographed, filmed or taped by the South East Events or third parties appointed by the South East Events. South East Events and any authorised party may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever. You further agree that copyright in these materials rests with South East Events or such authorised party (as the case may be)

However, you have the right not to be filmed / photographed by the South East Events or any authorised third party. If so, please contact the camera operator / photographer at the time of filming and make it known that you do not wish to appear in any filming / photography.

You are permitted to take photographs and recording within South East Events if these are solely for private use and are not sold or used for any commercial or public use.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree not to intentionally photograph and/or capture video footage of any individual without that person’s permission and you must adhere to all photography / filming restrictions in place from time to time whilst within South East Events.

Refund Policy
South East Events operates a no refund policy. Please check session date, times, and read all terms and conditions before purchasing.

Entrance tickets and wristbands can be purchased on-line only selected date and time sessions. Availability will be subject to capacity restrictions.

(Under 3 yrs are free to enter but MUST be included on the booking)

In the interest of safety, guests are asked to ensure that all children under 12 years of age are accompanied by a responsible adult during their visit.

On purchase, we will send a confirmation online booking email detailing the reference, transaction amount and QR code for entry.

Entrance Conditions
Your e-ticket will specify a designated entry gate. You may arrive at this gate 20 minutes prior to your chosen session start time. Social distancing must be adhered to. Please do not attend the South East Events if you or any member of your household have COVID-19-like symptoms. All members on the booking must be present at time of entry. Once the QR code is scanned, it will automatically become invalid for further use.

Data we collect
We may collect information on what pages are accessed or visited by you and information volunteered by you, such as your contact details, survey information (where applicable) and / or any social media registrations and TryBooking. We use this information for internal use only. Further without prejudice to the above, we shall always process your information obtained via your access and use of this in accordance with our privacy policy.

We are constantly reviewing the Covid-19 guidelines and we will provide regular updates as across our social media. If for safety reasons we must close and cancel due to Covid-19 government-imposed restrictions all tickets will be refunded directly from Trybooking directly.

When you first notice that you have lost personal property, please ensure that this is reported to the ticket office. We do recover and keep, for a limited time, all lost and found property. If we locate your property, we shall inform you of it and, of course, return it to you. Management is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property. Management will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, however incurred, of personal items. Items that have collected in lost and found after a period of 21 days, and not returned to or recovered by the owner, shall be disposed of.

Please read the important safety information

Health & Safety Information
We strive to ensure the best possible visitor experience in the safest way we will always put health and safety first. We take our responsibilities to our customers, our staff, and our suppliers extremely seriously. With this in mind we have implemented new restrictions, guidelines, requests of respect to others and strict rules. This is to ensure that we can continue to provide a great day out whilst being mindful of the seriousness that COVID-19 brings and the actions we should take to limit the spread of infection or transmission.

Please take some time to read through our guidelines and the rules and responsibilities that we all must adhere to prior to visiting and whilst at the venue. It is essential that all members of your party understand the importance of all of the guidance issued too.

Our on-site signage is clearly displayed, and it is important that you and your party follow our site rules at all times. If any item is unclear or not understood, then please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to advise you.

Before your visit

Rule of 6
Please follow the guidance and do not book or arrange to attend the event with more than 6 persons. We are legally obligated to enforce this rule and request that you help us by not attending in groups that do not follow the rule of 6.

Book Online
We are operating on a limited number capacity to ensure social distancing measures can be met. Bookings are only available online. Booking on-line DOES NOT entitle you to priority entry, you will still need to queue on arrival. Please note that other members of your party cannot queue on your behalf.

Face coverings are now mandatory at all times inside the venue. Please ensure all members of your party over 11 years old have their own face covering prior to arrival. This site rule will be strictly enforced and anyone refusing to comply will not be able to enter the event or will be asked to leave. (Exceptions must be agreed by our security team and must be proven if requested)

Please do not visit us if you are unwell.
We respectfully request that you do not visit us if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you get symptoms when you are on site, then please take extra care keep away from others and leave the event swiftly.

Wash your hands | Enhanced hygiene.
We all know the importance of washing our hands to stop the spread of the virus, so we request that this is conducted by all members of your party before arrival and during your visit regularly at one of our many hand sanitiser gel provided at stations around the fair.

Our commitment to you

Health & Safety vetted
Prior to opening we have undertaken a multitude of assessments with our qualified H&S consultant and have implemented many new measures for the benefit of everyone’s safety.

Staff Policy
Our staff have completed additional training and will be practising enhanced social distancing whilst at work. All staff will be temperature checked daily and under no circumstances be at work if they display COVID-19 related symptoms.

Staff Training
All staff have received additional training to ensure we meet the guidance set out by the UK Government to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Regular Sanitation
We have put in place more rigorous cleaning throughout the day for all our facilities.

Hand sanitiser gel provided at stations around the fair.
We have many hand sanitiser gel facilities throughout the venue, and we encourage you to sanitise your hands regularly.

During your visit
On arrival - car parking is free and onsite
Please wait for any other visitors to move from their vehicle before you exit your own.

On arrival - entry
Please practice good social distancing etiquette whilst queuing to enter the event. Capacity is limited to maintain social distancing and to avoid congestion inside the venue.

We require an enhanced level of supervision of all children by a responsible adult, always ensuring social distancing & stringent personal hygiene.

Please use your bank cards contactless feature whenever you can.

Sign signage
Visitors will notice our distinct signage relating to all our Health and Safety responsibilities, please ensure these requests are followed at all times.

Hand Sanitising
Customers must sanitise their hands before using the attractions with the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance of each ride.

Social distancing
Please be patient, be kind and respectful to our staff. The measures we have put in place are to keep you and our employees safe.

Attractions & Rides
Visitors will be asked to maintain a safe distance apart from other guests when using any of the attractions. Please follow the signs displayed relating to the specific attraction and rides.

Food and Drink
Instructions for ordering and collection of food and beverages will be clearly signed.

Good hygiene
We respectfully request that everyone on site practises a high standard of hygiene when coughing or sneezing and washes their hands on a regular basis.

There is a one-way in and a one-way out policy at the venue to maintain correct social distancing and capacity control. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you chose to leave you will be counted out. If you wish to re-enter you will have to re-join the queue and be counted back into the venue.

Track & Trace
We have a legal obligation to provide the contact information of all persons on site to the UK governments Track & Trace team if requested.

We thank you for your continued support during this difficult time and hope that you are able to easily integrate these important responsibilities into your visit. Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.

We hope you have an amazing day with us!

South East Events in partnership with Monty Hammond and Sons.

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