Terms and Conditions  −  Active Hope for Changing Times

Terms & Conditions:

1. It is a condition of booking that you agree not to copy or share the content of the workshop or materials provided during the workshop, with anyone outside the workshop.
2. You agree not to film or otherwise record this workshop.
3. This ticket is proof of payment for participation in the above event and must be presented upon request at the time of admission.
4. This ticket is non-transferable and only one place is valid per ticket purchased.
5. This ticket has been created and managed using the TryBooking site and is also subject to the Terms and Conditions of TryBooking.
6. The Event Organiser hosting this event is solely responsible for all issues relating to the sale of tickets. If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the host, using the link on the programme information page.
7. Any data collected for marketing purposes from this event will be strictly in accordance with the Privacy of Information Act and the recent changes to the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

By registering for this event you agree…
1. To participate via the video platform Zoom, with the video turned on throughout the four main classes.
2. To attend all four sessions.
3. To join the Zoom sessions using a desktop or laptop computer.
4. To set-up your computer in a quiet place, free from background activity, background noise and other disturbances.
5. For your email address to be shared with other participants in order to enable your participation in the weekly Zoom ‘buddy calls’

Group Agreements:
• Confidentiality – you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all participants in the workshop, not sharing beyond the workshop group anything that anyone else says within the workshop or buddy group sessions
• Punctuality – you agree to be on time for all sessions; if you are late, you will miss part of the session.
• Being present – you agree to keep your camera turned on throughout the sessions. (This helps to create an atmosphere of safety, mutual care and support within the group.)

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel:
• more than two weeks before the workshop start date, we will refund the full amount you have paid.
• between two weeks and one week prior to the start of the workshop, we will refund your full fee, less £25.
• less than one week before the start of the workshop, a refund is not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the workshop organiser/s.
• after the workshop has commenced, we are unable to refund any of your payment.
• a fee of £5 applies to any refund made to a credit/debit card

If we have to cancel the workshop:
• The organisers reserve the right to cancel workshops due to unforeseen circumstances or low numbers. In such eventuality we will notify you no less than one week before the start date of your workshop.
• In such an event we will refund the full fees that you paid for the workshop.

Limit of liability:

All information included in any of our publicity is correct at time of going to press, and is subject to change. Whilst every effort is made to provide the workshops and services as advertised, we do not accept liability for:

• Cancellations or changes caused by unavailability of staff, low bookings, weather conditions, maintenance work, acts of God, acts of Government or any other authorities, or any situations beyond our control or subsequent to participation in one of our programmes.
• Loss of, or damage to, personal property of participants.
• The Event Organisers shall have no liability to the customer/student for any claim in respect to the programme.
• You hereby release and hold harmless Jacqueline Buckingham, Margo van Greta, the event hosts, their business and associates from liability due to accident or damage to self and/or property, and from loss of property during this workshop.

Attending this workshop denotes acceptance of these terms and conditions and acceptance of this release of liability.

This ticket was produced using the TryBooking UK Ltd website. All issues relating to the sale of tickets and the hosting of their associated event(s) are the responsibility of the account holder known herein as the “Event Organiser” using the TryBooking UK Ltd website to manage this event and not that of TryBooking UK Ltd., its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, other partners and employees known herein as “TryBooking UK”. 1. TryBooking UK is not responsible for the Terms and Conditions or any other instructions or directives imposed by the Event Organiser. 2. TryBooking UK is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase of this ticket. 3. TryBooking UK cannot exchange or refund this ticket. 4. The additional booking fee that may apply when purchasing tickets via the TryBooking UK Ltd website is not negotiable or refundable and can be subject to change at TryBooking UK's sole discretion. 5. A cancelled, postponed or altered event does not constitute an obligation by TryBooking UK to substitute, refund or provide other compensation monetary or otherwise. 6. Any dispute which may arise regarding the booking of this event or the way in which this event is conducted or the conditions in which this event is held is solely between the ticket holder and the Event Organiser and not a part of TryBooking UK's responsibilities.