Terms and Conditions  −  North Dorset Cycle Ride 2022

Terms and Conditions


GDPR requirements to protect our privacy etc. Our new website for the 2019 ride will include facility on the registration form for entrants to choose to positively advise us that we can retain their email address and other details or not. In the meantime if you specifically do not want us to keep your details please email us including the message “GDPR NO”. All details will be kept on one secure computer and will not be distributed to ANY third party whatsoever."

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable ride but would ask you to observe the following:

1 You need to ensure your bike is in good order including brakes, gears and tyres. You are advised to carry 2 spare inner tubes, some basic tools and a pump, water, and energy snacks.
2 You are strongly advised to wear a helmet as these will reduce the risk of head injury if you come off. Riders under 18 years old on the day of the race MUST wear a helmet. This is for insurance purposes. 3 Wear clothing that is suitable for the weather forecast for the day and clothing that can be clearly seen by other road users.
4 Ensure you have your riders number attached to your handlebars with the cable ties supplied. Write your name and address and telephone number on the reverse including details of Next of Kin
5 Please respect other road users. Do not ride more than 2 abreast, and only do so when safe.
6 Do not follow other cyclists too closely. Keep your distance.
7 Follow the highway code as normal, road traffic laws apply including stopping at red traffic lights.
8 Familiarise yourself with the route that you are riding. These are on display at the Registration as well as on our website and Strava.
9 The routes are marked by signs with marshals at key junctions. Riders should take care at road junctions and stop if necessary.
10 There will be a lead rider, and a vehicle sweeping up behind the ride. If anyone experiences a problem please seek assistance.
11 There is a first aider on each ride. If necessary there is an emergency number on the front of your ID labels.
12 Riders should take water / drink / energy bars for use during the ride. It is important to stay hydrated.
13 At the end of the ride you have a choice to continue and finish at the location at Park Walk as shown on the route map. Or you can take the "Gold Hill Challenge" and finish by cycling up the famous Gold Hill. There will be marshals to guide you.
At the finish it is important to de register. This is because we are obliged to account for everyone returning from the ride. Please make your way from the Finish on Gold Hill back onto Park Walk to de register. Here you will also be able to collect your medal and tee shirt (if you have ordered on).
15 There is free water and fruit next to de Registration. And of course collect your coveted medal !!!!
16 Obey any instructions giving by marshals, police or event staff.
17 This is not a race, anybody caught racing will be asked to leave the event. Take care when riding down hill.
18 Whilst this is not a race please do your best to ride at a sensible constant speed for yourself - to reach the finish in good time for the anticipated completion of the event.
The event is anticipated to finish around "lunchtime" i.e. 1.00 to 2.00 pm. We are obliged to account for all riders. If you decide not to complete the ride or take an extended break PLEASE contact us on the number on your riders number card (07968 494111).
20 Do not wear headphones or make telephone calls whilst riding.
21 Watch out for hidden bends and potholes.
22 If you feel ill, do not continue, stop and call for help.
23 If you have an accident or need help with a breakdown to your bike please telephone 07968 494111 the number is also on the front of your bike number card. 
If you find a If you find a rider who has had an accident or needs help, please stop and offer assistance. If critical then use your judgment whether you need to call an ambulance by dialling 999 as usual, but please report the situation to us as soon as possible on 07968 494111 who has had an accident or needs help, please stop and offer assistance. If critical then use your judgment whether you need to call an ambulance by dialling 999 as usual, but please report the situation to us as soon as possible on 07968 494111. 25 You will also find the next of kin’s contacts details on the back of the rider’s card. If you do not have a mobile with you, then flag down a motorist if safe or go to the nearest marshal and report it ASAP.
26 Your entry fee does not include insurance for you or your bike. The Shaftesbury Rotary Club do have public liability insurance. We recommend that all riders have their own bike and personal insurance before the event.
Have a great day !!!!
After the event please have a safe journey home - and we hope to see you all again next year

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