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Online. 2024 - The year to transform your life with TWM

Saturday 20 January 2024
A transformational year where you say goodbye to all that is holding you back and step into your best life. Lots of therapies and coaching programmes reveal to you what needs to change and why this will be of benefit to you. TWM is unique in giving you the 'how'. It can be used to help with many issues. The basic toolkit is the same if we are working with trauma, anxiety, depression or to develop healthier relationships. Over the 10 workshops you will acquire the full toolkit. Between the workshops you will have an individual sessions with an experienced practitioner who will support you to address any issues that come up for you in the course. You can attend the course purely for your own personal development and then if you want to begin to build your own client base or integrate the toolkit into your existing coaching, counselling or therapy practice. Towards the end of the year you can apply to become a TWM practitioner if this is what calls you.
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'Body and Mind' Retreat - in Goathland.

Friday 22 March 2024
Our retreat theme: 'Free your body and mind' will focus on clearing all our pain, tension and trauma and deepening into peace. Take time to address anything and everything that is calling for healing and then just be. Spend 3 days resting, relaxing and reflecting in a supportive and friendly company. Enjoy taught sessions of pilates and TWM as well as small group work and satsang in comfortable and beautiful surroundings. Full board includes plant based gourmet food. there will be time to rest, reflect or walk in the surrounding moors - or take a trip to nearby Whitby. The Walters Method™ frees you from whatever is preventing you from being mindful, so over time you can be increasingly accepting, loving and calm. It gives you an inner quietness that allows you to hear your own truth and find a deep sense of purpose. It is a body-based practice, it does not require you to talk about your issues in order to find freedom - and it gives you a toolkit for life.