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The Rose Playhouse

The Rose Playhouse was the first Tudor theatre on Bankside, built in 1587 and is now an archaeological relic. Events take place in an intimate space against a backdrop of the historic remains of the Elizabethan arena which are illuminated with LED lights to create a unique atmosphere.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Tuesday 6 July 2021
    We think of Shakespeare as the ultimate solo genius, standing aloof from his fellows and communing only with his muse. In this talk we push him off this pedestal — or, at least, give a leg-up to lots of other contributors to Team Shakespeare. The early modern theatre was a joint enterprise, and recent scholarship has identified collaborative writing, too. A more collegial figure emerges: gaining creative energy from contact with others, in the rehearsal room, the writing room and the print shop.
    Via Zoom — you will be sent a link once you have booked.