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The Rose Playhouse

The Rose Playhouse was the first Tudor theatre on Bankside, built in 1587 and is now an archaeological relic. Events take place in an intimate space against a backdrop of the historic remains of the Elizabethan arena which are illuminated with LED lights to create a unique atmosphere.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Tuesday 23 July 2019
    I was 9 when Dad taught me to cycle.. on a cliff. He nearly killed me three times on misadventures- but as a sedentary lifestyle can shorten life expectancy, is staying on the brink of danger the best way to keep alive? An exploration of cycling, life, death and my Dad. Directed by Cariad Lloyd and developed with Luke Touslon "Vanessa is a truly original comedy mind and probably the most charming performer at the Fringe." Sara Pascoe in the i' Newspaper
    The Rose Playhouse
  • Between Tuesday 13 August 2019 and Sunday 18 August 2019
    Anərkē Shakespeare, a new innovative theatre company, creates raw fast-paced Shakespeare, bringing you the multifaceted text by a diverse, gender-blind, actor-led ensemble without a director, inspired by the working conditions in which Shakespeare conceived his plays. The audience, together with the cast, will work imagination bringing to life the sceptred isle of England, in this film noir, naked-framed perspective of Richard II – Shakespeare’s poetic masterpiece.
    The Rose Playhouse

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