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Shakespeare in Italy

Shakespeare in Italy is a charity dedicated to advancing the arts, specifically drama, for the benefit of all.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Bring renewed fire and fun to your favourite Shakespearean speech. Through play, sensory exploration & imagination-expanding exercises, we will take Shakespeare’s best known texts on new journeys to uncover the meaning of the Bard’s famous words to us in this moment. Hone your performance skills or simply delve into Shakespeare’s soliloquies in a judgement-free space safe to experiment in. A series of four one-hour workshops led by actress Ruby Campbell.
  • Join us for three 90-minute sessions as we read and discuss Shakespeare's masterpiece. You can listen or read as you wish. Put your feet up with a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the end of the week with what has been described as the Bard's most perfect comedy. Discover the lyrical, emotional and bittersweet melody of the text with us on our Sharing Shakespeare Online Platform helping you to stay creative and connected. Book for all three or single sessions.