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Swim club

Between Tuesday 18 June 2024 and Tuesday 30 July 2024
An evening swim session with safety cover. Ideal for anyone wanting a safe, supervised swimming session in a group which is calm, friendly and in small groups. Drills to help you practise breaststroke or front crawl can be provided or just use it to help build your distance safely. NOT suitable for beginners to open water. Please attend a taster first if you have no or little experience. To book all sessions together add one to your basket and click back in your browser to add others.
Fell Foot Active Base OR Miller Ground Rayrigg Meadow car park end.
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Supported swims

Between Thursday 4 July 2024 and Thursday 18 July 2024
Supported swim to help you get your distance in safely. Various time and distances.
Fell foot
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Windermere - cross lake swim - 1 mile

Between Sunday 14 July 2024 and Sunday 1 September 2024
A safety boat supported swim across Windermere at its widest part, 1 mile. Take the boat to the opposite side of the lake and swim back. Suitable for those wanting a challenge but that can swim 1000m in open water. Front crawl and Breaststroke swimmers are welcome but if you are swimming breaststroke please email me first. Minimum numbers are required for this to happen. 2-way cross lake swim also available, please email.
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Relaxed river journey

Thursday 25 July 2024
An evening swim down the river. This is a point to point swim with a short walk back to the start. Suitable for breaststroke or front crawl swimmers. We take a slow swim down the river looking at wildlife and enjoying the peace.
Fell Foot Active Base