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British U-21 Qualifier


Young Lions Speedway - British U-21 Qualifier 



Please note that this is an advance ticket meeting only.

Strictly NO card or cash admission can be taken at the gates.

Welcome to Newcastle Diamonds online ticket portal for the meeting for

The Young Lions Speedway - British U-21 Qualifier 

This meeting will be run under strict COVID-19 guidelines as set by Newcastle City Council and The Arena Racing Company. Spectator attendance will be strictly restricted and monitored.

Entrance will be via advance booked e-Tickets ONLY

To purchase a ticket click on the BOOK NOW button at the top of the page

(For full terms & conditions, see information below).

Please note that all events will be strictly ADVANCED TICKET BOOKING ONLY

 Face masks MUST BE WORN from the point of entry to the stadium and throughout the entire duration of the meeting, unless eating or drinking (medical exemption is permitted with proof).

Entry/exit will be via the main fire gates. Turnstiles will be closed to reduce the risk of any Covid 19 cross-infection in enclosed spaces and maximise social distancing.

Masks MUST be worn at all times in any internal area such as Toilets and Bar / Food Outlets.

(see full terms & conditions below, which MUST be adhered to all times within the venue)

On Sunday 13th June 2021 at 3:00PM to (approx) 7.00PM


@ Newcastle Stadium
Fossway, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE6 2XJ

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Terms and Conditions.

  1. All meetings, until further notice, will be subject to the following Covid-19 regulations;
  2. Anyone purchasing tickets for any meeting, until further notice, agrees to adhere to these regulations as set by Newcastle Diamonds Ltd, the Arena Racing Company and Newcastle City Council, for the entire duration of their visit to the venue.
  3. Newcastle Diamonds Ltd reserves the right to refuse/revoke entry, with no refund given to anyone found not to be complying with these regulations.
  4. Non-contact temperature checks will be conducted on any person entering the venue. If an individual is found to be showing a temperature of 37.8 degrees or higher, they will then be asked to stand alone in a well-ventilated area and given 5-10 minutes to potentially cool down. A secondary temperature check will then be taken and if their temperature continues to show above 37.8 degrees, they will then be refused entry along with any other individual who they may have travelled to the venue with.  
  5. Face masks/coverings must be worn by any person over the age of 12, from their point of entry to the venue, unless medically exempt (proof will be required) for the entire duration of their visit to the stadium. Face masks/coverings are required to be worn at all times, with only the exception of eating/drinking. Face masks/coverings must be worn when moving around the venue; for example, to make use of the toilet facilities or queueing for catering/bar/track shop.
  6. Ticket area designations are set for their designated areas only. Once inside the venue the ticket holder must stay in their designated area, as shown on their ticket, and may not move around the venue. For example, no person with a ticket for the outside area of the terrace may enter any upstairs area of the venue and vice versa. All areas, however, will have access to toilet facilities and food and drink amenities.
  7. Social distancing guidelines, of at least 2 metres from anyone not in the same household/bubble, must be followed at all times. This includes when moving around the venue to make use of any facilities, including queueing for the toilets/catering/bar.
  8. Until further notice, the entry turnstiles will be out of use and entry/exit to/from the venue will be via the main fire gates only. On race day, gates will open at 3pm and will close promptly at 4pm for an immediate start.
  9. The pits and the surrounding area are out of bounds for anyone without an official licence or official reason to be within the area.
  10. There will be no meet and greets with any rider until further notice. This is to ensure our riders health and safety.
  11. Until further notice, the bar will not be open for any post-meeting engagements. After the conclusion of heat 15 of the final meeting, everyone must vacate the venue in an orderly and safe manner, whilst continuing to adhere to social distancing.
  12. All staff, including safety stewards, are there to help and ensure your safety. Anyone found to be verbally or physically abusive to any member of staff will be asked to leave the premises immediately and no refund will be given.
  13. Contactless payment within the stadium is preferred. Please use contactless payment for all transactions once in the venue wherever possible. Please note; ONLY contactless payment is available at ALL of the LICENCED BARS.
  14. All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.