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What Do Women Want?


What Do Women Want?

Women on Fire
City of Westminster College Boardroom


What do women want? Yes, of course, the list goes on and on, over the horizon and beyond. But what do you want in terms of companionship, support, resource and encouragement - either as the opportunity to give and to share or to receive and learn - which Women on Fire might provide? What don’t you find elsewhere that you would really value? What’s missing? How could any of us help?

Please join us this evening for an open-hearted womanly sharing of how it is, what we dream of and how we might help each other in ways
 that are so far lacking.

When we began Women on Fire we heard how under-resourced so many brilliant women felt, not just in terms of society, funds and human resources, but for themselves as individual human beings. We knew how to teach people to better fund and maintain their own energy levels but we didn’t know quite how to help people help each other without some kind of spending: energy, time, emotion, status or leverage.

Now we do. Through an experiment that’s been running for more than four years we’ve come to understand what makes for a really deep, mutually respectful and supportive accompanying, and what doesn’t. Because that experiment involves women and men we’ve also come to understand how differently we respond and what strengths we can grow using the other as models.

Intrigued? Come to find out more. Or just to share, to listen, and to feel a part of lovely humanity.

To reserve a place, please book now, for yourself and perhaps others, men or women, who may be interested. 



City of Westminster College Boardroom, Paddington Campus, 25 Paddington Green, London, W2 1NB

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