Terms and Conditions  −  Eagles v Redcar Bears

Terms and Conditions

Masks are NOT obligatory but we encourage those that want to wear them to do so.

Once Booked and Purchased Tickets are NOT transferable

Back Straight Lower Grandstand Seats:

These are not specific but unallocated seats , a Booking ensures a Seat but they will be taken on a first come first served basis on the day of the Event.


We have space for 5 Wheelchairs and nominated Carers - This is located in Area 2 on The Hailsham Bend adjacent to Shelleys Food Outlet- Please contact us at for further details

You MUST bring this e-ticket with you printed off or CLEARLY visible on your phone for our team to check prior to allowing your admission into the stadium. Evidence can be taken from phones or tablets, but it would be appreciated if a printed paper proof is obtained if at all possible.

This message does not guarantee the Meeting will occur, Fixtures will be advertised, and Ticket sold only when confirmed.

Refund Policy

Card / Pre-Booking using Try Booking : The Ticket can be used for the Rescheduled Meeting and an rearranged date will be notified asap.. As an alternative the Ticket can be transferred to any other future Meeting in 2021 on the same Price Band; and all Ticket Holders will be contacted within 48 hours of the Abandonment with details of forthcoming Fixtures and details of how to request a transfer. This will be in the form of a printed Admission Ticket of identical value to be collected from a designated Turnstile at the meeting of choice on production of a Printed or smart phone validation of the cancelled Meeting Ticket. No automatic Refunds will be sent until the Restanging or Replacement Fixture options have been fully considered. If anyone is not genuinely able to attend a future Meeting in 2021, a written request will be considered sympathetically and a Refund can be agreed on a case by case basis.

Cash Sales : Standard BSPL/SCB Regulations Apply (link) . In the Event of a Rain Off with fans inside the Stadium a Refund of 10% of the Entry Fee up to Heat 10 will be applicable in the Form of a Readmission Ticket being issued on Exit all Supporters. To be at any future Home Meeting in full / part payment depending on the number of Heats run. No Refund once Meeting runs past Heat 10. If anyone is not able to attend a future Meeting in 2021, a written request will be considered sympathetically and a transfer payment agreed on a case by case basis.


All e-Ticket Holders/ or main Purchaser WILL RECEIVE an e-mail update from Eastbourne Eagles Speedway around 24 hours prior to the Event.

If you have purchased on behalf of a group it is important that you make your group aware of the information contained in the communication.

The intention of this mail will be to advise you of the following-:

Match Details and Teams and Start Time
Any important Weather or Travel Information relevant at the Time

It will be very important and beneficial for you to update yourselves of these changes in advance of the specific Meeting.

We will contact ALL Ticket Holders and update Club Website and Social Media plus other Media channels should any Fixture be cancelled at short notice.

We look forward to seeing you at Arlington.

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