Terms and Conditions  −  Whisky Indy Love Fest 2022

Ticket holders get entry to their selected session (12pm-4pm or 5pm-9pm) on the 10th September 2022. You receive an exclusive Glencairn glass and you can sample whiskies from all of the exhibitors.
1cl sample pourers are recommended for the exhibitors - this will help to make sure as many people get to try the whiskies as possible.
Last pour is 15 minutes before the end of session. Only 1 session is allowed and 1st session attendees must leave the venue by 4.30pm please don't attempt both sessions as the event organiser will refuse the second session for you and no refund will be offered.
All attendees must be 21 or over (exceptions can be made if you contact the organiser prior to the event) and if you are lucky enough to look younger then photo ID will be required. We will be operating a challenge 25 policy.
Where possible you will be able to purchase bottles direct from the exhibitors.
Exhibitors and their line ups are all subject to availability and change.
The event will follow the prevailing UK Covid guidelines.
All tickets are non-refundable unless the event has to be cancelled. A full refund will be issued minus any ticket platform fees that are non-returnable which at time of writing is just card transaction %.
If the date for the event has to be changed tickets will be transferable to the new date unless a refund is requested.
The Festival is all about tasting and appreciation of very good and often rare whisky - this is not about quantity and all about quality and having good craic.
Organisers and Exhibitors reserve the right to refuse entry and/or drinks to any attendees at their discretion and with no refunds - under their legal obligation to promote the safe and legal consumption of alcohol.
Whilst we try our best to make food available to all attendees, we recommend eating a meal before you attend The Indy Love Fest.
Water coolers and/or water provision will be at the event however please bring a water bottle with you where possible.

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