Terms and Conditions  −  Old Hutton PTA Chapel Island Walk

Terms and Conditions

Event Cancellation

• The Chapel Island Walk is organized and delivered by The Guide Over Sands Trust. As organisers they reserve the right to cancel, delay or postpone the event due to emergency or extraordinary conditions. These include adverse weather conditions, or following instructions from the emergency services. Old Hutton PTA will keep you updated with any changes to the walk shared by The Guide Over Sands Trust. In the unlikely event that the walk has to be cancelled, delayed or postponed due to circumstances outside of our control we will refund 80% of ticket fee.

• All ticket fees are non-refundable other than in the situation described above. If participants wish to cancel their entry they need to contact We are unable to offer refunds in such cases of cancellation.

 Participation in the Old Hutton PTA Chapel Island Walk

• All participants (including dogs) must have a reasonable level of physical fitness and be able to walk unaided for at least 5.5 miles. Parents must give careful consideration as to whether this walk is suitable for their child. Recommended minimum age is 6.

• All children must be accompanied by adults. The PTA is not taking responsibility for managing unaccompanied children on this event (e.g. unlike a school trip structure). If a child is not with their parent it must be made clear who is the accompanying adult when the child registers.

• A child is defined 18 years or under on 10th July 2022.

• This walk CANNOT be completed un- guided due to the specialist nature of knowledge of Morecambe Bay Sands. So for example, you can’t plan to do just a bit of the walk. If there is a reason on the day that you can’t finish the walk the Guide will resolve this situation.

• Dogs can be paid for on the day fee of £1 in cash. Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control and not cause annoyance or upset to other participants.

• The organisers use data supplied by participants to process an entry. All data (electronic and paper) is stored securely. Personal data is not supplied or distributed to any third party other than those working within the framework of the event. 

• Participants grant permission for photographic prints, films or recordings to be taken and organisers reserve the right to use such photographs for publicity to promote future events and the Trust’s charity work. 

Safety and Practical Advice

• Please listen to/obey all instructions given by the guide, he is there to ensure your safety. Please adhere to any social distancing measures that are in place on the day.

• Old Hutton PTA will have two event stewards walking with our group and you must follow any of their advice or instructions.

• Although routes are largely flat, the ground can be demanding consisting of sand, mud, shingle, pebble and rocks please wear appropriate footwear.

• Weather can be changeable. Bring or wear suitable waterproof clothing, as well as sun protection clothing. It is also advisable to bring dry clothing and footwear to change into at the end of the walk.

• Participants may become wet during the walk.

• Sun cream, water and suitable food to consume on the move will be required e.g. flapjack, bananas, sandwiches, crackers.

• Please note there are NO toilet facilities on the walk. Please use toilets in Flookburgh before the walk begins.

Arrival and Timing

• Registration will open at 1.30pm which is one hour before the walk commences, if you have not registered by the time the guide commences the walk we cannot guarantee that you will be able to walk.

• The walk will begin at 2.30 and can take up to 3.5 hours.

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