Running a fundraising event

TryBooking is proud of the fact that we help people run great events that support their community. Our software is widely used for fundraising events whereby the proceeds go to worthwhile causes.

Top fundraising event ideas - Start your own today

At TryBooking we are here to help individuals and organisations raise money for good causes.

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Movie nights

Book the local cinema for your group

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Fun runs

Get support for your next big challenge

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Cycling events

Raise money for a long bike ride

blue cartoon martini
Cocktail party

Get dressed up and raise money for your organisation

blue cartoon dinner plate with chicken drumstick
Balls and dinners

Your major fundraiser

Blue casino chip icon
Casino night

Let the chips fly for a good cause

blue cartoon dialogue boxes question mark
Trivia night

A great event to challenge your friends and family 

blue cartoon teapot pouring into teacup
High tea

Raise money with tea and sandwiches

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Get creative

Bring your own fundraising idea to life

Fundraising online and how to run an event

Getting started

One of the best ways you can increase revenue for your fundraiser is by setting up your event and selling tickets online. TryBooking’s ticketing platform allows you to create, promote and sell a range of tickets, take payments and donations. Fundraising online around the clock.


It's easy to get started with your fundraising event: 


  1. Start as early as possible, so that you have plenty of time to sell tickets and collect donations. 
  2. Sign up for a TryBooking account here
  3. Create beautiful custom event booking pages (no coding required!) and cover all the event details including who you are supporting, sponsor logos and more. 
  4. Enable donations for your event as people book their tickets to allow for added generosity.  
  5. Spread the word! Start promoting your event through social media, newsletters and your community using your unique event URL. Ask people tell their own networks about it. Remember, once they hear your story they'll be much more likely to want to donate, so share that fundraising page URL straight after any message you choose to send them. 
  6. Keep your attendees updated on your event with the email buyers tool. Encourage them to arrive early or provide additional information. Make sure everyone knows how important your fundraiser is! 
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During your fundraiser

Everything you need for the big day or night. 


  1. Preparation is key. Make a running sheet, a list of people to thank and ways to encourage extra donations on the night. 
  2. Check people off at the door using Scanning Apps or printed door lists. 
  3. Give a short welcoming speech about what this fundraiser means to you and the community. Thank your guests and supporters for attending.
  4. Take photos to use for follow-up emails and social media campaigns. 
  5. Brief people on future events and when tickets will be available. 

After the event

The last steps for wrapping up your fundraiser. 


  1. Run a report and find out how much money you have collected for your cause. 
  2. Request your funds from TryBooking to your bank account, and then transfer it to your nominated cause or organisation's account. 
  3. Thank your attendees once again with a follow-up email and pictures. 
  4. Analyse your marketing efforts and see what worked. TryBooking offer Google Analytics and Facebook Ad tracking for this. 
  5. Good job, we salute you for your hard work. 
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How TryBooking can help you raise more funds

A simple online system for fundraising and crowdfunding

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Cost effective

Get more from your donations and payments with our affordable fee structure

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Free for free events

No booking fee for guests and no processing fee for you

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Collect payments, manage communication and simple reporting for your fundraising idea

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Locally Run

A local support team that understands your needs

Building a stronger fundraising community

We support the fundraising community with what we believe to be the lowest fees in the industry.

TryBooking is a leading online fundraising platform that supports causes, schools and community groups. There is no shortage of fundraising ideas and ways to get involved with causes or your local community. 

We are here to help

TryBooking has supported the not-for-profit sector since 2007.

If you need help getting set up or creating your fundraising event page, pick up the phone and give us a call or email us at

Our support team is here to help make sure your fundraiser runs as smoothly as possible. Contact us

We have lots of experience and can help not-for-profits and fundraisers to build great pages that engage their community, sell more tickets online and take more donations online. We know that bringing people together to support important causes is vital to our society.


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Set up your next fundraiser in minutes.