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Event organisation requires extensive preparation and it’s important to keep track of information like guest attendance and the type of venue that is being used. An event hosting website like TryBooking is ideal for streamlining the planning process. Our practical event booking software is designed to simplify the ticket selling and purchasing process for organisers and patrons.

Having worked across a variety of industries like schools and performing arts, TryBooking is committed to supporting local communities and providing affordable event management solutions.

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What are the advantages of using the TryBooking system?

Cost-effective pricing for event planners and patrons

What makes TryBooking stand out as an event hosting website is our affordable prices. Event attendees only need to pay 15p per ticket, while organisers cover a 5% processing fee per ticket. We don’t believe in using tiered pricing systems, hidden costs or extra charges for features.

Use our fee calculator to find out more about the ticket pricing process.

No third-party advertising

At TryBooking, we believe the focus should be kept on your event, which is why we don’t have any third-party advertising messages or banners on the website. Customers will be able to purchase tickets without being distracted by other marketing materials.

In addition, patrons do not receive any third-party marketing emails because we treat data with the utmost confidentiality.

Streamlined registration and ticket selling 

Brands can sign up for a TryBooking account easily and create an event in a matter of minutes. Patrons aren’t required to create an account and can buy tickets quickly. Once the tickets have been purchased, they will appear instantly in an email inbox.

What kind of features does the system have?

As an event hosting website, TryBooking provides access to a diverse range of online resources for event organisers:

Creations tools

With our software, businesses have the ability to generate bespoke event pages. They can be customised to feature eye-catching graphics and detailed descriptions. A custom ticket option allows brands to generate personalised tickets with unique branding.

Another important customisation feature is the interactive seating plans that can be used for events like theatre productions and charity galas. Not only are guests able to use the plans to choose their own seats, but they can be duplicated for future events.

Promotion and growth

Promote events by using our embeddable ticket widget to drive traffic towards a specific venue. The widget can be incorporated into a brand’s website. Take the ticket selling process a step further by creating early bird offers and exclusive discounts. This can encourage people to buy tickets in bulk and take advantage of group offers.

Increase the discoverability of your event through using the Buy Tickets hub. This page can help people to see an event and then share it across social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Keep track of sales with potent marketing tools

The TryBooking system offers users the chance to monitor ticket sales with a mixture of analytical and management tools. Create real-time marketing reports that features key data such as purchase location, ticket sales by type and return on investment.

Tools like our free TryBooking scanning app makes it easy to manage an event. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the app features a sales dashboard and allows QR codes to be scanned instantly.

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An easy-to-use event hosting website

At TryBooking, we are known for our excellent customer service. Our staff are experts in the field of event management software and can answer any questions you might have about event organisaton or ticket selling. To learn more about how we can help, get in touch today.