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Event Registration

When it comes to organising an event, having access to the right technology can make a world of difference to businesses and patrons. At TryBooking, we offer an innovative event registration software designed to streamline the ticket selling and purchasing process. Cost-effective and easy-to-use, our online booking system is ideal for organising large and small events.

Over the years, we’ve catered to a variety of industries, which include councils, charities, schools musical groups and performing arts. So, whether you are looking to arrange an open air show or an indoor networking expo, our event registration software can help fulfill your needs.

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How much does it cost to use the system?

At TryBooking, we strive to keep costs affordable for event planners and guests. Attendees pay 15p booking fee per ticket, while event organisers cover a 5% processing fee per ticket. This can even be passed onto the ticket buyer! There are no hidden costs with our booking system, and you are able to take cash payments for a no-hassle booking experience.

What are the benefits of the event registration software?


  • Attendees don’t have to register for an account, meaning they can purchase tickets easily and quickly.
  • Once the tickets have been ordered, they receive instant confirmation via email.
  • Patrons won’t receive any third-party emails because personal data is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • TryBooking offers a lost ticket option to help find misplaced tickets.

Event planners

  • Quick registration means that businesses can set up events in a matter of minutes.
  • Event organisers won’t be distracted by third-party marketing banners or adverts.
  • Access to a diverse range of online resources that simply the event management process.
  • 24/7 support from the TryBooking team.
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What features are available with the booking system?

Once an organisation has registered for an event account, they will be able to utilise several important components:

Bespoke event creation

Our event registration software features a detailed customisation tool that allows for the creation of bespoke event pages. The page can be filled with important information like venue location and pricing details.

Brands have complete control of their event page and can customise it with banners, images, descriptions and logos. Personalised tickets can also be generated and our embed function ensures that the TryBooking branding is removed from the booking experience.

Promotion opportunities

The system has extensive promotional capabilities, such as a ticket widget that can be embedded into a personal website. The widgets make it easy for guests to book or buy tickets directly from your website. Widgets create a seamless and professional booking experience for the ticket purchaser.

Event Organisers can also add discounts and special codes to tickets and encourage people to buy early. If a brand wants to promote a charitable event, they are able to add a donation button. 

Effective reporting and management

Managing an event is easy with the TryBooking’s systems potent analytical and reporting software. This might involve generating real-time marketing reports that cover ticket sales, purchase locations, tracking codes and the cost of social media advertising.

Tap into the power of the TryBooking scanning app and speed up entry time during an event. Available on iOS and Android devices.

Experts in the field of event registration software

At TryBooking, we are committed to simplifying event creation and attendance for businesses and patrons all over the world. Our staff have years of experience and are happy to answer any questions you might have about the system. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today.

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