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When determining the success of an event, it can often come to the amount of tickets sold. Keeping track of this data is crucial and event ticketing booking websites like TryBooking specialise in refining the event planning process. Practical and cost-effective, our versatile booking software is designed to streamline the ticket selling and buying process.

Throughout the years, TryBooking has helped to arrange events that span the education, charity, performing arts and musical industries. We are dedicated to supporting local communities and helping event planners connect with their audience.

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What makes TryBooking different to other event ticketing booking websites?

Affordable pricing

At TryBooking, we provide cost-effective prices for patrons and event organisers. There are no hidden fees, tiered pricing systems or extra costs. Patrons pay just 15p per ticket, while organisers cover a 5% processing fee per ticket.

As soon as you have signed up for an account, you are granted full access to all TryBooking’s ticket selling features.  

Quick event set up and ticket buying

As an efficient event ticketing website, TryBooking gives businesses the ability to set up customised event pages in minutes.

Guests aren’t required to create an account, meaning they can buy tickets immediately. Once the tickets have been bought, they will appear instantly in an email inbox. 

All third-party advertising is removed 

There are no third-party marketing materials or banners on the TryBooking website. We believe in keeping the focus on your event and limiting the chances of customers abandoning the ticket purchase.

In addition, guests won’t receive any third-party marketing emails because all data is treated with confidentiality.

What are the features of the TryBooking platform?

By working across multiple industries, we have been able to develop a versatile system that caters to events of all types. Whether you are interested in holding a theatre show or a business expo, our resources can help you increase ticket sales.

Advanced customisation

The first step to planning a memorable event is to create a customised page that features important information such as location and date. An easy-to-use editing tool allows images, logos and descriptions to be uploaded.

Brands can develop personalised tickets that feature their own branding materials. Make use of the embed function and remove the TryBooking branding for a bespoke booking experience.

Other customisation options include a duplication function and interactive seating plans. Guests can use the plans to choose their own seats and event templates can be cloned for future use.

Wider promotion

Once an event has been created, it’s time to promote it. This can be done by merging an embeddable ticket widget into a personal website. The widget will drive traffic back towards an event.

Encourage people to buy early bird tickets through special discounts and VIP codes. Combine the discounts with a targeted email campaign and invite potential customers to the event.

Analytical insights

By using the online booking platform, brands can gain insight into ticket sales, return on investment, purchase location and other types of data. This information is generated through real-time marketing reports that can be downloaded at any time.

Manage an event with ease by utilising the free TryBooking scanning app. Suitable for iOS and Android devices, the app allows event planners to scan QR codes quickly and keep track of guest information.

Event ticketing booking experts 

At TryBooking, we are focused on simplifying the ticket selling and buying process for businesses and guests all over the world. Our team of event booking experts have years of experience and are always available to lend their support. If you have an queries, then please get in touch.


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