Trybooking Vs Eventbrite

Eventbrite Alternative

When it comes to selling tickets for an event, the process should be as streamlined as possible. As an Eventbrite alternative, TryBooking provides customisable event registration software. Cost-effective and practical, our online booking system is ideal for connecting event planners and patrons all over the world.

The TryBooking team has works across various industries, which include music, charities, education, sports and dance. We are committed to supporting local communities and helping people create events that they can be proud of. Whether you are interested in setting up a theatrical production or a sports session, our booking system is suited to fit your preferences.

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TryBooking vs Eventbrite

As an alternative to Eventbrite, we believe in doing things differently:

Affordable pricing

Compared to Eventbrite pricing, we offer a more affordable event creation option. Guests pay just 15p per ticket and organisers cover a 5% processing fee per ticket. That’s it! There aren’t any start-up costs or tiered pricing options to worry about. Take a look at our helpful pricing calculator to check revenue options.

Save more money

Based on our comparison between TryBooking and Eventbrite prices, we’ve found that ticket sellers can save more money overall. This is because VAT is included in all our prices, while VAT isn’t included in Eventbrite fees and acts as an additional charge.

Focus on your event

With Eventbrite, you are charged to host an event while they advertise their services to your customers. 

When a customer purchases tickets through TryBooking, they won’t be bombarded with third-party advertising banners or messages. This minimises the risk of them abandoning a ticket selection and ensures your event takes centre stage.

Uncompromising components

While Eventbrite operates with tiered packages, we don’t believe in charging people more to gain access to premium features. Our flat rate of 15p per ticket and 5% per ticket processing fee is fixed and in return organisers can use all our high-quality resources immediately.

This means that event planners can create the best possible show without having to worry about paying more for extra features.

What kind of features does the online booking system provide?

By working across a diverse range of sectors, we have been able to refine our approach and produce a platform that is versatile and responsive. After registering for an account, brands can utilise a variety of specialised features:

Step by step customisation

Organisers have the ability to craft unique pages that feature the date, time and location of an event. A handy editing tool allows graphics, descriptions and logos to be uploaded. It’s worth experimenting with different images to see what makes the page stand out the most.

Once the page has been set up, companies have the option of generating bespoke tickets. Each one can be customised with personalised branding.

There’s also the opportunity to create flexible seating plans that allow guests to choose their own seats. A cloning function ensures the plans can be replicated for future events.

Easy promotion

Event promotion is an integral part of the TryBooking platform. Brands have the chance to feature a ticket widget on their personal website and drive traffic towards an event.  In order to increase sales, brands have the opportunity to include discounts and promotional offers with their tickets.

For added personalisation, companies can generate targeted emails and send them to potential attendees.

Capture valuable data

The system possesses powerful analytical and management software that enables event planners to monitor sales. Detailed marketing reports feature data like tracking codes, account purchases and ticket sales by type. This data can be accessed at any time and downloaded in multiple formats e.g. PDF or CSV.

As a fully integrated system, the Trybooking platform is compatible with Xero and with CRM solutions like Salesforce. You can export valuable social media tracking data and examine how it can be used to generate new leads.

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More than an Eventbrite alternative

At TryBooking, we are dedicated to providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective event planning service. We believe in putting local communities before profit and helping to change the event industry for the better.

With no hidden fees or third-party marketing affiliations, TryBooking will continue to strive for transparency in all event-based communications. If you have any questions about the system then please get in touch today.