Gatekeeper Hire

Gatekeeper application can speed up entry and at the same time validate the tickets.

The Gatekeeper application can optionally connect to the internet and store the ticket holder data locally. This means on the day of your event regardless if you have the internet available, Gatekeeper can still validate the tickets and check names. 

This version of the Gatekeeper application can be networked to share the scanning between computers.

New Version 1.4 (Oct 2017)

This version stops the scanning field from losing focus when the gate operator actions other lookups functions plus on downloading data NaN displaying. This ensures every scan is recorded.

To upgrade, just install over the top of the existing version.


Gatekeeper Getting Started.pdf

Get started with the new Gatekeeper. Learn how to download your ticket data, setup networking and write rules to allow or reject certain ticket types.



Download the installer and follow the prompts.

Apple Mac

Download the zip file, and open it in Finder. Drag the file to your Application folder.


Download the appropriate zip file for your operating system, 32 bit or 64 bit. Create a folder on your computer called "Gatekeeper" and extract the zip file contents to it. The Gatekeeper software is designed to be self-contained and just needs to be extracted in order to run.

Please note

Hand this document below to the staff manning the entry point. If your staff are not trained correctly in crowd management, experience has shown that even with a small number of patrons your entry points will become clogged. The difference between smooth entry and a backlog is just a few procedural steps.

Crowd Management For Scanning

Gatekeeper Hire

If you need to validate tickets on entry and do not have your own Laptop computer or barcode reader, you can hire them from us.

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