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Organising and promoting an event can be tricky when you take into consideration guest management and keeping track of ticket sales. But at TryBooking, we provide an online event registration solution that can help businesses stay up to date with all the necessary information. Our affordable online booking system is designed to make the ticket selling and buying process run as smoothly as possible.

Trybooking have been catering to event organisers and patrons across the education, music and performing arts sectors, for a number of years. So, whether you are looking to set up a concert or a sports show or any kind of event, our online ticketing system can help you easily sell tickets to your customers.

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What makes TryBooking a great online event registration solution?

At TryBooking, we believe in helping passionate people set up events in their local area. To do that, we wanted to provide a system that is cost-effective and practical for organisers and attendees. Customers only have to pay 15p per ticket, while the event organiser handles the processing fee of 5% per ticket (can be passed onto the ticket buyer). There are no hidden pricing options or start-up costs and we even offer a helpful calculator to provide insight into revenue options.

Ticket purchasers don’t have to worry about setting up an account, as tickets can be purchased immediately, direct from your website, social media pages or emails. In addition, they won’t be bombarded with third-party advertising messages or banners, ensuring a fast booking process.

Event organisers have access to a range of online resources that can help them set up an event in minutes.

What are the advantages of using the system?

  • Cost-effective – Customers pay 15p per ticket and organisers pay a processing fee of 5% per ticket.
  • Data privacy – There is no third-party marketing with the TryBooking system. All data is held securely in the UK.
  • Fast registration for event organisers and ongoing promotion opportunities.
  • Access to powerful marketing and analytical tools, including 24 real-time reports.
  • Excellent dedicated support from the TryBooking team.
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What are the key features?

The TryBooking platform is made up of several components that simplify the event creation and management process:

Creative customisation  

After opening a complimentary account, event organisers can build a custom event page that features information like the time and place of the event. An easy-to-use editing tool enables the event organiser to add eye-catching images, logos and descriptions and brand colours. Event organisers are able to generate customised tickets with their own personal branding, giving the organiser total control over their event.

Interactive seating plans are another great feature of TryBooking, enabling guests to choose their own seats. Set up venue templates so you don’t have to create the same venue layout twice.

Promotion tools

Another benefit of the TryBooking online event registration solution is its promotion capabilities. Organisations can incorporate embeddable widgets into their websites to make it quick and easy for patrons to book directly from their website.

There’s the chance to offer special codes or discounts and encourage consumers to buy early-bird tickets. In addition, customers can be sent emails containing relevant event information and updates.

Data analysis

The booking system features effective event management and analytical tools. Companies can tap into the power of these tools to track ticket sales, process refunds, monitor social media advertising, generate marketing reports and gauge return on investment.

Another key marketing tool is the TryBooking scanning app for iOS and Android devices. The app’s real-time sales dashboard grants the ability to scan QR codes on tickets quickly, view guest information and manage volunteers.

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Practicality and affordability are important parts of the TryBooking ethos. We are committed to providing event organisers with an easy-to-use and cost-effective system that meets their needs. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us today.

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