RFID entry

Event management technology

The RFID event management technology suite is a fast and secure way to manage the entry and exit points for large events and festivals. Utilising RFID enabled wristbands and scanning pods, event organisers can manage large crowds and ensure that patrons are correctly validated prior to the entry to the event. The RFID technology records entry and exit time data for better crowd management. 

Combined with TryBooking’s Scanning App and Gatekeeper scanning technology, the RFID system will reduce queues, validate entries to eliminate ticket leakage and provide valuable reports.  

Attendees wearing event wristbands hold their band up to a scanner as they proceed through your entry points. The system uses radio frequency technology to scan a chip embedded in the wristband and checks the attendee in or out. A light and sound signals to event staff if the wristband is valid and the patron can proceed. 

RFID entry technology at music festival

Port Fairy Folk Festival entrance


Note: RFID hire options are not currently available in the UK.

TryBooking RFID scan units

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