Sell Event Tickets Online

Event Tickets Online

There are a lot of factors to think about when organising an event. Ticket sales, guest attendance, marketing and venue management must all be contemplated. With so much to consider, organisations can benefit from having a system that helps easy the work load. At TryBooking, we offer an ideal way to sell event tickets online through our innovative software.

Affordable and easy-to-use, our online booking platform is built to simplify the ticket selling and buying process. Since 2014, we have been providing event registration solutions to a range of industries:

This versatility has allowed us to refine our approach and develop a system that caters to event planners and patrons across the globe.

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Why is the online booking system worth investing in?

The TryBooking ethos was built on providing an affordable and efficient ticket selling solution. We offer a cost-effective pricing system that involves event attendees paying 15p per ticket. Organisers pay a 5% processing fee that is applied to each ticket. You can choose to have the customers pay for this fee as part of their ticket price. Beyond that there are no start-up costs or hidden fees.

To ensures guests are able to purchase tickets quickly, there is no requirement to register for an account. When using the system, event planners won’t be distracted by third party banners or adverts.

The system also grants access to a plethora of features that makes ticket selling and buying a straightforward affair.

How can the system help to sell event tickets online?

Intuitive, interactive and practical, the TryBooking platform can help to sell tickets in a variety of ways:

Customised pages and tickets

Upon registering for an account, organisations have the ability to generate bespoke event pages. Each page can be populated with essential information like date, location and price.

Further customisation is available which allows images, descriptions and logos to be uploaded enabling organisations to hero their own brand. In addition, event planners are able to create bespoke tickets that feature personalised branding.

Another important customisation feature is the presence of flexible seating and table plans. Set up tables for dinner parties, balls and cabaret style seating and enable guests to book whole tables or individual tickets. Set up theatre style venue templates for any shape or size of venue and enable guests to choose their seats.

Promoting ticket sales

A great way of making it easy for guests to book directly from your website is to add the TryBooking ticket widget to a personal website. Organisers can go a step further by adding promotional codes or early bird offers to their tickets to increase revenue.

The Buy Tickets search feature is another useful promotion function helping guests to easily find events. It lists events that browsers are interested in and encourages them to spread the word through social media.

Event management and analytic capabilities

In order to create a successful event, keeping track of ticket sales is crucial. Our online event booking platform features reliable management and reporting tools to help businesses stay up to date with key metrics.

The software generates detailed marketing reports that capture data on ticket revenue, ticket sales by type, account transactions and many more marketing insights. When integrated with systems such as Xero or Salesforce, the data can be tailored into new lead generation campaigns for other events.

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An affordable ticket selling platform

By investing in the TryBooking ticket system, organisers will be able to interact with potential customers in their industry and create events that are remembered for years to come. Register for an account today or get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about the platform.