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"The progression to online ticketing was welcomed across the entire school community. We continue to receive much positive feedback about TryBooking."


Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak, in Melbourne's Inner East, has a full events calendar each year. Kyle Lawtey, the Community Relations Coordinator at Loreto Toorak, manages everything from fundraising and community activities, luncheons, breakfasts, concerts, cocktail parties and seminars.  

Other faculties and departments within the school run events such as Performing Arts Festival, Rowing Dinners, the Cox Plate Calcutta, Cocktail Parties, Year Level Formals... the list goes on and on.


The change

To simplify their busy schedule, Loreto Toorak initially used TryBooking for their ticketed performances. They quickly realised, however, the full potential TryBooking had and expanded it to be used across all areas of school activities including alumnae events.

What was truly innovative was the access they created for Parent Representatives. Kylie explained "We find that having made this system available for Parent Representatives has encouraged them to organise more social events for their Year Levels. The ticketing and the financial side are now so simple.

This year we've seen an increased attendance at many Year Level events organised by Parent Representatives, began Kylie Lawtey, Community Relations Coordinator for Loreto Toorak, "This can be at least partially attributed to the ease and convenience of booking online - anytime, anywhere!"


The finance department has instant access to funds including immediate reconciliation reports and parents are able to socialise (and fundraise) more without adding to anyone's workload.

Kylie continued, "Once TryBooking is set up, there is little more for me to do other than print off an occasional report to see how numbers are going. 

I use the Export Data option all the time to obtain updates on numbers for my own events and for those I am managing for Parent Representatives. This makes it very easy to give feedback and provide updates. 

TryBooking has also eliminated the need for me to process individual payments on a daily basis. It's all taken care of automatically."


The results


"It is incredibly helpful having all school events listed in one place and ready for bookings!"


Loreto Toorak now have an innovative way to increase the number of school events without spending any more of time or resources on planning and implementation. They empowered their Parent Class Reps with access to TryBooking and now each class runs events as easily as any professional.

Says Kylie, "We have a dedicated page on our school website that lists all the events and provides a link to the TryBooking site for each event." 

[Note: you are automatically provided with a unique link for each event you set up making it easy to link bookings to your website.]

"Our events page also provides a brief explanation of the benefits of using TryBooking. Parents know if they misplace an invitation they can simply check the school's website and respond immediately. It is incredibly helpful having all school events listed in one place and ready for bookings!"


Kylie Lawtey
Community Relations Coordinator
Loreto Mandeville Hall