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Asthma Educators Course - Online July

Asthma Educators Course - Online July

Thursday 22nd to Friday 23rd July 2021

A 2 day online live interactive course covering the latest advances in asthma management and care for Health Professionals.

Taking an holistic approach, the course is presented by active experts and helps skill participants to be able to work effectively one on one with clients for effective management and health outcomes.

Presented by a panel of practicing health professionals including the team of the Lung Health Promotion Centre at the Alfred.


Taking a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach and using a variety of teaching methods, topics covered include:

  • Landscape Fires
  • What is asthma? - current management
  • Medications & device use
  • Acute management
  • Correct use of inhalers and devices
  • Role of allergy
  • Role of spirometry
  • Anaphylaxis & use of auto injector device
  • Education & adherence strategies
  • Peak flow monitoring
  • Complementary therapies
  • Self-management strategies
  • Working with adolescents
  • Smoking cessation strategies
  • Breathing techniques
  • Childhood asthma
  • Asthma in general practice
  • Community Asthma Resources

Program Delivery

In the new norm of COVID distancing, this course is being presented online via (Zoom).
Attendees will connect with presenters and their presentations via their device, with presentation and assessment materials available post session for review and completion.
The day's programme has been considered to assist attendee focus with regular breaks and mid day gap to support health.
This course is presented by live Webinar. Sessions will be available for review and the course may be completed online @ our course portal - if you cannot attend all sessions.
Two day course  - Includes live online presentation, certificate of attendence - $700 (2 days)
Individual Day attendance - $375
Three part assessment and course certification - $200 (payable upon submission)
 Alfred Staff discounts apply
Professional Development
This activity has been approved for 8 CPD hours per day (including online assessment).
With the national move towards accreditation of asthma educator courses we have now introduced a more formal assessment process for this course.
The assessment is optional (additional fee applies) and will include the following:
  • Respiratory device use assessment using competency checklists
  • Video assessment of user device instruction (post course)
  • Asthma Management Questionnaire (AMQ)
  • Certification on completion of activities to standard
  • Access to online portal for course review
Location & Time
Sessions generally kickoff at 8:50 for 9:00 am start finishing 4:15 pm daily.
Attendees are requested to login at least 5 min before session start to test connections / login details.
Event link to be sent prior to event
Online event access details will be provided by the event organiser

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The following companies have provided financial support for the centre and/or specific support for this event and will be participating in the Sponsors’ Exhibition on the day of the event: GSK. 
Educational material has been developed independently of any sponsors.