TryBooking scanning app

The most flexible mobile scanning app

TryBooking scanning app

The best way to check in your guests.

The TryBooking Scanning App is a simple and powerful way to manage entries to your event. Scan people in at the door to ensure the queues move quickly, and stay on top of your sales with a real-time dashboard.


Features include:

  • Real-time sales dashboard with the number of tickets sold and revenue
  • Scan QR codes on paper tickets and mobile tickets
  • Track scanning at multiple doors/gates
  • Enable or disable scanners
  • Setup advanced rules to control scanning
  • Manual check-in and attendee search
  • Volunteer mode

Event organisers who sell tickets online with TryBooking can download this app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Scanning made easy

  • Fast scanning of tickets to keep the queues moving
  • Scan QR codes on paper tickets and mobile phones
  • Sync multiple devices at different entry points via wifi or mobile Internet to ensure that all devices are up to date
  • View real-time success and error messages and with sound notifications when tickets are scanned
  • Check the details of the attendees booking to access more information when you need it

Track your sales in real time

Stay up-to-date with your sales as you go.

A simple glance at the phone will provide administrators with vital stats about their event, including:

  • Total revenue
  • Ticket sales over time including a graph to easily compare multi-day performances
  • Real-time percentage of tickets sold and unsold
  • Percentage of check-ins

Manage your volunteers and staff

  • Administrator control and restricted volunteer access
  • Stay in control of volunteer and staff activity all from the one place
  • Easy volunteer login via QR code
  • Monitor volunteer status, no. of scans and activity throughout the day
  • Enable or disable volunteer access/scanning remotely

Advanced rule scanning

  • Control which ticket can be successfully scanned on each device
  • Dictate which Session can be scanned on multi-session events
  • Manage entry points by assigning specific Sections and/or Ticket Types to a device

Download the TryBooking Scanning App.