Orange Day Train

Experience travel at its finest behind our classic 1950s streamliner diesel locomotive, Clyde-GM 4204, on a special long-distance day tour to the Central West city of Orange.

Departing Sydney at the comfortable time of 7.30am, the train will climb the spectacular Blue Mountains in style to the lusty chant of the 16-cylinder General Motors diesel, before a spirited run through the scenic Central West. 

We will pause for two hours in Orange— a 'foodie' city, where there is a large variety of restaurants, bars and cafés available for lunch before a hasty return to Sydney, arriving around 8.30pm. 

This is a rare long-distance day trip with all proceeds going towards our American-built Baldwin steam locomotive 5917's major overhaul.

Book your tickets now and help 'Make Our American Great Again'! 

On Saturday 1 July 2017

Outbound Trip:

Sydney — dep 7.25am

Strathfield — 7.40am

Parramatta — 7.55am

Penrith — 8.20am

Springwood — 8.50am

Lithgow — 10.15am

Orange — arr 12.55pm

Return Trip:

Orange — dep 2.55pm

Lithgow — 5.45pm

Springwood — 7.20pm

Penrith — 7.45pm

Parramatta — 8.25pm

Strathfield — 8.40pm

Sydney — 8.55pm


Country Platforms
Central Station, Sydney, NSW 2000

Contact Details

Jim: 0410721493