The team

Group of volunteers at a fundraising event

Our mission

Based in Melbourne, TryBooking has a loyal customer base all around Australia including councils, schools, theatres, charities, community groups, sports clubs, businesses, festivals, event planners...anyone seeking to bring their community together. Our aim is to provide a powerful and affordable ticket platform that can handle events of any size and complexity without an issue. Events made easy.

Events made easy

Simplicity and usability are the core of everything we do. There is no need to create an account when purchasing tickets and you are not bombarded by third party advertising or banners. At TryBooking, we strive to keep the process of booking a ticket as easy as possible. Our Melbourne based development team is hard at work for event organisers. Let us know if you have a new feature that you need. It is our job to make sure things just work.

Our people

Based in Melbourne, our team is committed to creating a powerful platform for both buyers and sellers.

Jeff McAlister

Managing Director

Jeff has held successful posts at POLi Payments (exit), Joost and Betfair - all companies that tried to provide a more valuable product at more affordable prices than competitors.

Brian Chief of Technology at an art gallery

Brian Mills

VP of Engineering

A technical leader with a successful track record of leading teams in the banking and payments industry, Brian is an active community member in his local area.

Damian Head of Business Development at a restaurant

Damian Murphy

Business Development

Damian has worked in ticketing around the globe including the UK, China and Australia. He loves attending lots of shows and is an active member of the arts community.

TryBooking Customer Service representative Justine

Justine Lambert

Client Success Manager

Justine has been involved in Client Services for over 10 years in Australia and abroad. An avid painter and lover of the visual and performing arts, she enjoys supporting the Australian arts industry.

Anita Donald

Product Manager

Anita combines her love for all things digital with her passion for the arts at TryBooking. Collaborating with the client, development and marketing teams, she helps bring new features to life.

Lillian Chueh

Business Development

Lillian loves bringing events to life and helps communities around the world connect, engage and inspire. She also has a keen eye for design and a keener stomach for good food.

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