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Creating Healthy Spaces at Home and Work

Unpacking the biological impact of the built environment & navigating the way forward  

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Uncover the hidden health saboteurs wreaking havoc on you & your family’s wellbeing in your home and workspaces. Navigate ‘greenwashing’, ’eco’ and ‘smart’ labels to find authentically healthy products to create your home and workspace.

Workshops on Hemp building & design, EMR health and starting a family, measuring & detecting energy fields, dowsing, air quality, solar and lighting plus much much more….
Please join us for this very unique event and begin creating healthier sustainable sanctuaries at home and at work from scratch or retropectively.  Visit our website for more event information here:
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Hear from celebrated professionals and industry leaders tackling environmental health issues connected to EMR, air quality, safe technology, smartmeters and healthy wiring and learn about the exciting newcomer hemp for building, growing, fabric, food, medicine and fashion. Book now
We welcome you to join our expert panel for more intimate workshops and Q&A sessions.  See a Hemp Wall demo with James Isaccs of Belubula Hemp Homes.  Book now

Can't decide on a workshop?  We will be filming some of the events for those that can't come and those that want to not miss out on the day. 
Please stay and join us for a Sunday screening of Generation Zapped.   Take a look at our hero products Hemp for building and design, fashion, beauty and food, learn more about community hero movement Boomerang Bags whilst enjoying a relaxing day away in the country on the beautiful grounds of Tocal Ag College. All details, speaker bios, blogs and information here:


Dick Clarke -Dir of Sustainability - Building Designers Australia  
Morning Talk. The emerging horizon beyond ‘sustainability’ - the need and opportunity to restore, and regenerate.   How do the buildings we make contribute to that?
Workshop with Dick:
HOW TO MAKE HEMP BUILDINGS THAT ARE MORE THAN JUST SUSTAINABLE.   The design and construction details needed to achieve high performance. Interactive session on butcher's paper!


Dr Mark Donohoe - Nutritional & Integrative Medicine -  Mosman Integrative Medicine
Morning Talk. Environmental Health Today.   Dr Donohoe has experience and knowledge of complex medical conditions, and uses orthodox & complementary modalities and management options approach to identifying and managing chronic illness.
Discussion:  What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)?  What is electro-hypersensitivity (EHS)?  Looking at the overlap of chemical toxicity and chronic fatigue.  How do parent's toxicity and behavioural problems overlap?

  Bob Doyle - Dungog Hemp
THE INDUSTRIAL HEMP INDUSTRY & HOUSING - What's happening in Australia.  Bob gives us the run down on hemp building, growing opportunities and medicine.

Dr Mary Redmayne - PhD Environmental Studies  Independent researcher educator &consultant 
Morning Talk. Daily radiofrequency exposure and screen use: Are there health implications?  Mary’s talk will outline the root of the contention about mobile phone safety, and identify radio-frequency transmitting devices common to daily life at home, school and work. A few of the health risks indicated by research will help your decide whether to reduce your, and your family's, exposure. Tips will show how to do this. 

2 Workshops with Mary:
Thinking about starting a family? When to stop keeping gadgets near your body and why .....AND:   
5 YEARS TO TEENSParenting in the Digital Age


Joachim Herrmann -  Building Biologist- Buildingbiology Services
Morning Talk. Introducing Building Biology Science a holistic approach to building, design and living.   Joachim discusses Environmental stress, introduces us to the  Building biological measuring standard and helps us identify types of electro-pollution and gives practical advice on how we should protect ourselves.

2 Workshops with Joachim:
FIVE STAR HEALTHY SPACES - Wellbeing by Design - a look at EMR emissions and how to measure, natural building, creating a sleep sanctuary
DOWSING TECHNIQUES - Earth energies & water lines - how to dowse




Dr Marie Therese Gibson - Former Principal - Tangara School for Girls
Morning Talk. Personal Environmental Health Story - Dr Marie-Therese Gibson served for 19 years as principal of the Tangara School for Girls at Cherrybrook she was forced to resign due to health problems that correlate to Wi-Fi installation in the school.

  Dr Craig Watkins - Telecommunications Engineer - Informative Technology Innovations Pty Ltd
Reduced emissions connectivity - Use of fibre optic cabling, copper cabling, and LiFi to reduce radio frequency emissions and allow flexible network connectivity.  Within the home copper distribution cabling provides an effective and flexible solution avoiding WiFi with appropriate planning. For areas where tether free communication is a requirement, LiFi options can be considered.
  Janobai Smith - Advocacy & Policy Advisor Stop Smart Meters Australia Inc
'Smart' meters in NSW. What you need to know before December 2017. (Screening PowerPoint). The smart meter rollout in Victoria was fraught with controversy and issues. In NSW smart meters aren't compulsory, BUT you have to act before December or you will be stuck with a 'smart' meter. Janobai provides the easy how to's for "opt out", and clears up the confusion on the various names and functionality of electrical reading meters.

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Stalls - Boomerang Bags -  The Hemp Gallery  -  Shar-la Designs  -  Contact Organics - Organic Weed Solution

10.30am Sunday 29th.  SCREENING new release documentary -   "Generation Zapped"
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Tocal Agricultural College
815 Tocal Road, Paterson, NSW

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