MEC Law Enforcement and Public Health Award (LEPH)

Maryborough Education Centre (MEC) Law Enforcement and Public Health (LEPH) Award

Thank you for choosing to donate to the annual MEC-LEPH Award.  The award supports two students to present at the LEPH international conference each year.

  • 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2018 Toronto, Canada
  • 2019 Edinburgh, Scotland

The purposes of the Award are:

  • To inspire students to pursue volunteer or professional experience which aims to improve the wellbeing of society
  • To give students from Victoria’s most disadvantaged regional community a voice on an international stage
  • To educate students about mechanisms for policy change and advocacy techniques
  • To provide an educational and cultural experience for students by attending an international conference
  • To educate students on the importance of intersection between law enforcement and public health in Australian and international contexts
  • To enhance student confidence in interacting with experts in LEPH academics and practitioners
  • To expose students to a range of career pathways
  • To increase partnership linkages with local police to promote better police-community relationships.

Awardees are selected by the school community through a competitive process.

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Should you require further information, please contact Toni Briody on Ph. 6103 5461 7900 or email

Donations of any value gratefully accepted.



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