Scanning Equipment Hire

We provide two options of scanning Gatekeeper and the Mobile Scanning App. Both options allow you to validate the ticket presented at entry, and provide you with reports detailing the data scanned.

The Gatekeeper program works independently from your TryBooking account, with the ability to upload your ticket data into the program. This gives Gatekeeper the ability to run off-line meaning no internet connection is required for use. Perfect for venues that don't have great reception or access to internet.

The Mobile Scanning App reports directly to your TryBooking account. It relies on having an internet connect to do so, meaning it requires access to reliable internet connection or mobile reception. The Scanning App can be used with iOS and Android devices using the camera on the device.

Should I use the Gatekeeper program or the Scanning App?

If you have no internet connection at your venue, Gatekeeper is the option for you.

Should you have strong mobile data or internet connection the TryBooking Scanning App may be a better option for you to explore.

Still unsure? Make contact with our friendly Support Team for advice on what will be most suitable for your event.
P: 03 9012 3460