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Bayside Library Service

Welcome to Bayside Library Service list of events, programs and training for all ages, where you are sure to Imagine, Create, Learn and Connect. Select an event to book your spot. Should you need assistance in booking a spot please call us on 9261 7851.

Current Events

Past Events

  • Monday 18 January 2021
    Wind-up toy making. Use air dry clay to make a cool critter, then make it walk! Craft a scary monster, a cute animal or whatever you can imagine. Build your creation over a wind-up mechanism, wind it up and watch it go! This event will be offered online
  • Tuesday 19 January 2021
    Have fun finding real and UNREAL nature in the Beaumaris Library Courtyard. You may even find treasure! Please enter through the gate at the rear of the library to access the courtyard.
    Beaumaris Library
  • Wednesday 20 January 2021
    Create the perfect storm in this fun science experiment. Dress for potential mess. This event will be offered online. Attendees will be advised as to when they can collect their Tornado kit.