City of Hobart - Bush Adventures Program

The City of Hobart's Bush Adventures Program wants all of us to love and care for Hobart's Bushland Reserves. We run a diverse range of activities and events to help you fall in love with nature and expand your understandings of the importance that healthy and diverse eco-systems play in all our lives. (our popular BUSH STORIES 2-5 years program will be back in early February)

Current Events

Past Events

  • Wednesday 27 January 2021
    Could you outrun a wombat or jump higher than a wallaby? Ever wondered how an echidna finds it food? Join us at Waterworks Reserve as we explore the bush through the eyes, ears and movements of some of our favourite native animals.
    Site 9, Waterworks Rd
  • Wednesday 27 January 2021
    Nature needs your love and care always and sometimes our native creatures need some extra love and care, especially when they are injured or sick. Getting injured wildlife to professional care is essential. Knowing who to call, and how to keep native animals safe on the journey are essential skills for all nature lovers, young and old. Join us at Waterworks Reserve as we discover some of the easy ways we can give injured wildlife the help they need when they need it most.
    Site 9, Waterworks Reserve
  • Thursday 28 January 2021
    Join us for a hike into the western wildlands of kunanyi/Mt Wellington This hike is a challenge and delight as we head out into some of the wildest alpine country on kunanyi/Mt Wellington. Learn new skills like track finding, navigation, what to do if lost and lots more skills that will help you build the experience and knowledge to explore the wilds of Tasmania. - Session time - 10 am -4 pm - Parent/carer free activity - full supervision provided
    Big Bend Carpark (Large carpark before the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington)
  • Friday 29 January 2021
    Not all of our native creatures can lay claim to having lived alongside dinosaurs, or managed to survive in a waterway that flows directly into and under a capital city! One such creature can, it’s our special web-footed, duck-billed, egg-laying platypus and it lives right here in the city! Join us with your gumboots and sense of adventure as we learn all about these amazing monotremes and go on a search for these elusive creatures.
    Hobart Rivulet, Linear Park
  • Friday 29 January 2021
    Some say the life best lived is when shared with those we love. And photography is a great way to share. Create a picture of your favourite spot, share a sunset snap with friends or discover how to capture the tiny wonders that abound. We’ll teach you a trick or two on getting the best nature pictures to share with friends and family from the macro world to stunning panoramas as we explore one of the best walks kunanyi/Mt Wellington has to offer.
    The Springs, Wellington Park
  • Tuesday 2 February 2021
    Bush Stories will be back in early February. Dates will be announced soon.
    Various Sites throughout Hobart
  • Saturday 13 February 2021
    Have you ever found a little digging in the bush? A hole with a cone-shaped pile of dirt next to it? Whats going on, who's been here? Join us for a exploration of all things bandicoot as we follow the signs and experience life as a bandicoot.
    Site 9 Waterworks Reserve