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Rivka Worth

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  • Saturday 14 August 2021
    """Sacred Yes Sacred No""" is all about clear and honest boundaries; physical, emotional, energetic, practical. What do our instinctual boundaries feel like? What signals do we recognise in our bodies? How do we decide what to say Yes to and when to say No? Practicing 'Yes' and 'No' in an embodied way on the dance floor supports us to hone our awareness and agency to honour our sacred choice and learn how to move more fluidly between our ways of being in the world. Let the dance be your teacher
    Yoga Spirit Studio
  • Between Friday 24 September 2021 and Wednesday 29 September 2021
    6 days of dancing with the elements, outdoors, on the soft red earth under the big starry sky Friday 24 September 2pm – Wednesday 29 September 12pm 2021 Ross River Resort , Alice Springs, Eastern Arrernte Country Only 20 spots will be offered his year. Join Rivka Worth. certified 5Rhythms teacher, in the heart of our country for a 5Rhythms dance and moving meditation, bush camping retreat, reconnecting us with the ‘grounding’ and ‘spaciousness’ that being in nature provides.
    Ross River Resort