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inThync Professional Training

Business and education leaders are pursuing more agile thinking to equip thinkers for the future.

inThync helps organisations, teams and learners stretch their thinking agility to adapt to today’s mental demands.

Our brain dominance profiles are as unique to us as our fingerprints. Understanding our preferences and strengths provides a powerful entry to improving communication with others, group dynamics, problem-solving and decision-making processes. Better thinking, better learning.

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  • Online as convenient
    Join our inThync trainer online for two one-hour sessions customised to your thinkers' context. Delve into a toolkit of visible thinking routines and tools that incorporate critical and creative thinking processes across the curriculum. Focus can be given to reasoning, or creativity and innovation as preferred. The explicit teaching of thinking processes supports meta-cognitive and positive mindset growth. These are popular and practical sessions. Face-to-face team sessions are also available.
    Online, by appointment
  • 2018.2
    Begin your meta-cognitive journey from here. SELECT your HBDI® Profile fee category to purchase online now, or contact us directly. Receive your web-key, then complete an online Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument HBDI® Profile questionnaire. Your confidential HBDI® Profile Report is presented to you by your inThync practitioner at a venue convenient to you. To learn more, register for a "Brainy Me!" customised online briefing (also on TryBooking).
    Purchase online, questionnaire webkey, then 1 to 1 debriefing
  • Casual Relief Teachers
    Each day of relief teaching presents fresh circumstances, expectations and opportunities. Join us in an online training program to plan and prepare your own CRT strategy. Gain insights, advice, resources, techniques, tools and tips. Become fully equipped with knowledge, confidence, ideas and strategies to ensure enjoyment and success in your chosen pathway. Two sessions included.
    Online, by appointment
  • Online training & support by appointment
    This online training over two sessions offers guidelines and advice for those preparing a CV/Resume for presentation to schools, or who may be seeking assistance in applying for advertised positions in teaching or education support. Key insights into successful CVs and applications, offered from the experience and wisdom of former education industry recruiters are provided. The second session provides specific tailored learning as you undertake the process of application, then interview.
    Online, by appointment
  • Online by appointment
    Enjoy a fascinating online session with one of our thinking team to discover insights into your own thinking preferences and strengths. It's a one hour session for anyone - teachers, team leaders, parents or students who wish to gain fundamental insights by learning about their own thinking. Understanding your own "brainy waves" improves your problem solving and decision making agility, and your engagement with others. Try some fun Whole Brain® thinking.
    Online, by appointment
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