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The Joy of Wood

The Joy of Wood, through our Heritage Woodcraft Centre in Canning Vale, provides the only place in Perth dedicated solely to teaching traditional woodworking hand skills and techniques to people of all ages. These are the kinds of skills which have proven themselves for centuries!

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  • Saturday 23 July 2022
    Spoon Carving... it's all the rage! Come and experience the delights of this wonderful craft. You will start with a nice piece of seasoned hardwood, and create a beautiful spoon using an range of traditional hand tools. Come and join us in this delightful process! Please note: our Vaccine mandate is still in place. See Event T&Cs. A workshop for Kids aged 8+ and for adults. $110 per person. Caution: spoon carving can be very addictive! Sturdy covered shoes MUST be worn. (See T&Cs)
    Heritage Woodcraft Centre