"Getting more from Concept Exploration Activities"

"Getting more from Concept Exploration Activities"


presented by 

Dr. Vanya Kovach (NZ)

Chair, P4CNZ

Tuesday 23 February 2021 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (UTC+09:30)
$60 AUD for the 2 hours
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We begin by thinking about the appeal and function of these activities, and then follow a process that can be used with Year 4/5 up, that helps increase the rigour of the discussion.  The process is interspersed with some skill building for classroom practitioners that may be of use!

  1. Classroom process modelled: A skill builder on recognising universal generalisations (“all” statements), and testing them with counter examples, and modifying some of these generalisations in response to counter examples.
  2. Classroom process modelled: Taking part in a standard concept exploration activity, with an invitation to make “all” statements in order to get clear about, and test, the criteria generated in the process.
  3. Seeing how “all “ statements map onto necessary and sufficient conditions of the application of concepts, and how understanding this allows us to recognise two different kinds of counter examples that students can offer.
  4. Reflecting on different ways to bring concept exploration activities to a satisfying close
  5. Classroom process modelled: Using the work done on “all” statements to inspire and inform the creating of possible definitions of the concept at hand.
  6. A snapshot of some of the interesting issues connected to the task of defining rich and contestable concepts.



Dr Vanya Kovach is the Coordinator and Professional Development Leader of P4CNZ. She has been involved in philosophy in schools teacher education since 1996, and has hundreds of hours of experience in the classroom with students from Year 1 to Year 13. Vanya has taught philosophy at the University of Auckland since 1992, but her passion is for the practical, engaged and collaborative processes of the Community of Inquiry. Her mission is to assist teachers to bring further richness and rigour to their facilitation of philosophical inquiry in the classroom.
All Atttendees recieve a certificate showing hours of professional learning
as well as the AITSL Standards met by the session.
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