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BAM - Becoming Amazing Mums (SOLD OUT)

BAM - Becoming Amazing Mums (SOLD OUT)
BAM – Becoming Amazing Mums is a specialised program for women who have experienced difficult events in childhood - including emotional, physical or sexual abuse.  BAM does not dwell on the past – the focus is on creating a positive future by supporting participants to rise above past adversity and become the mums they choose to be and effectively managing any negative influences from past events.  The program provides an opportunity to develop communication skills; enhance bonding and attachment with baby; learn mindfulness and relaxation; and discuss ways to foster self-care.  
There are 6 evening sessions during pregnancy and a further 6 daytime sessions when participants come along with baby.  The facilitator likes to meet each participant individually before the program to provide an opportunity to talk about the program and answer questions.
Please note: Preference is given to women who are booked to have their baby at RHW. 

Health Education Centre, RHW 

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