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Kimbriki Beginner's Organic Vegie Gardening Workshop


Kimbriki Beginner's Organic Vegie Gardening Workshop

Learn the basic skills to grow some of your own organic herbs and vegetables. We will set up and plant a new garden together. Food grown using natural organic methods is healthier for you and your family and healthier for the living soil; and the environment. Everyone can do this. Come and learn with us! 


This beginners course will cover the following;

  • What is Ecology?
  • Overview of ALL our workshops
  • Intro to the principles of organic gardening
  • Intro to ‘bio-genics’ – the healing power of plants
  • Choosing a site and building the new garden
  • Soil, planting, mulching, fertilising, pest control
  • How your garden can keep you & your family healthy
  • Tasting of edible flowers
  • The real difference between organic and non-organic food
  • Questions & answers



Kimbriki Eco House & Garden Education Centre 
Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, Kimbriki Road (off Mona Vale Road), Ingleside NSW 2101

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