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Early Days / Dad Jeans (SOLD OUT)

Early Days and Dad Jeans are a diptych of plays depicting the shifting intimacies of two couples in different stages of their relationships. A young trans man and a cis man's blossoming intimacy navigates power, privilege and grief whilst a long-term couple reckons with an unspeakable loss and the irreparable schism it has wrought over a single night. Funny, poignant and  relatable these plays celebrate the romance and tragedy of mundane everyday lives. 



Content warning:

In Early Days, Tam terminates a pregnancy in the opening scene and throughout the play explores the effects of caring for his brother who suffered from mental illness who subsequently completed suicide. Marcus has also experience intimate partner violence perpetrated by his ex-boyfriend and also suffers from mental illness which he elects not to disclose to Tam. 

Dad Jeans explores neonatal death (death in the first 28 days of life) and the grief experienced by parents Harry and Ralph. 

These are major life experiences that are integrated into the characters' lives and world views and are explored frankly without sensation. We recognise that these lived experiences will evoke a myriad of responses from audience members and encourage them to seek to support at their own discretion. The production team is happy to provide details for phone and online supports. 


Early Days by DL Turnbull
Directed and Designed by Brooke Murray
Compositions by Patrick Weyland Smith (Pixy Styx)
Tam: Lore Burns
Marcus: Bradley Storer

Dad Jeans by DL Turnbull
Directed and Designed by Bruce Langdon
Ralph: David Kerr
Harry: Sean Paisley Collins


The Motley Bauhaus
102 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North Victoria 3068

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