Classification of Cerebral Palsy - Online Learning Module

Classification of Cerebral Palsy - Online Learning Module


This 30 hour online-learning module will explore Classification of Cerebral Palsy.

The course runs from 4 October - 22 November 2021, and costs $770 inc GST, plus booking fees. 

This course forms one of the modules for the certificated Foundation Course for Paediatric Clinical Practice and must be completed prior to attending the clinical blocks.

The current systems used to classify the movement disorders of cerebral palsy and the evidence to support their use will be examined. Detailed information regarding the various classifications of cerebral palsy will be analysed. Examples of the different classifications are presented in both video and written materials. 

How it works:

- The course material is accessed through Moodle, an online learning platform

- Course content can be accessed at your own pace, at anytime 

- Teaching materials include PowerPoint lecture in PDF format; confidential video clips of children; relevant readings

- The course content is presented in sections. Participants will need to read and assimilate the material (i.e. review the interactive power point lectures, videos, any research articles and supplementary readings as the course progresses).

- Participants are encouraged to write information in a reflective log book as you view the online module

- Short written assignments, will be completed at various points throughout the online learning module

The course has been developed to allow particpants to study in a manner that best suits you and your practice context. The time committment will vary for each participant dependent on their previous knowledge of cerebral palsy, however as a rule of thumb, each participant can expect to spend a minimum of 30 hours of study to complete the online module, but this time committment does vary, and will depend on your previous knowledge and experience with children with cerebral palsy.

Completion of all components of this module, is necessary to being issued with the module completion certificate and to progress along the Foundation Course Paediatric Clinical Practice Pathway. Alternatively, it can also be completed as a stand alone module. 

** In addition it is important to highlight that there are strictly no refunds provided if you are unable to participate in the course after registering. 


Kelly Reynolds, Physiotherapist, Bobath Tutor

Sarah Foley, Physiotherapist, Senior Bobath Tutor


Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists.


Distance based online learning module

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