2021 Beneath the Trees with Cristy Burne


2021 Beneath the Trees with Cristy Burne

2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival presents Beneath the Trees with Cristy Burne

Science, nature and creativity often go hand in hand. This session will be sure to give you the best of all worlds, and the ability to turn anything you’ve learnt or are yet to learn into something creative and fun. Come along as local WA Author Cristy Burne talks about her new book Beneath the Trees, a squishy, slime filled look at what is means to be responsible while lost in a rainforest


AGES: 7+

SHOW DATES & TIMES: Thursday 30 September 2021 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (UTC+08)

VENUE: Education Room, State Library Western Australia, 25 Francis street Perth WA 6000

ARTIST: Cristy Burne

TICKETS:    $12.00 



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